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I'm Joy Zazzera, BS, MS, ERYT-200 certified yoga instructor, yoga lifestyle and mindset coach and expert in teaching yoga to athletes. I believe yoga can be an incredible training ground for how to optimally use our bodies in our everyday lives.  I'm passionate about helping people overcome physical and emotional obstacles preventing them from experiencing the powerful lifelong benefits of yoga. My intention is to help my clients discover freedom from their negative associations to pain, discomfort, lack of flexibility, balance or ability to relax. 

I love to draw from a mix of traditional yoga styles shaped by a new narrative of teaching yoga to modern bodies - lived in, tired, resilient, not-bendable, differently shaped, injured, exhausted. My classes promise new and novel movement that helps to rewire your nervous system through movement and at times, through not doing much of anything but relaxing. I can help you build resistance to aging, illness and disease, and provide you with tools for relief from old injuries, over-training and repetitive work and play habits. 

I love educating athletes of all levels on the performance and longevity benefits of adding yoga as a recovery tool to their sports-specific training. I am a true testament to the motivating and healing power of yoga, having recently experienced the life-changing effects of double knee replacements as a result of old injuries and many years of imbalanced athletic pursuits. 

Of my favorite clients, are beginners frustrated with the state of their present-day body, turned off by the socially-popular images of yoga or fast-paced, fitness yoga classes. If you are looking for relaxed and therapeutic movement experiences, I am 100% committed to helping you change your relationship with how your body moves and feels. My passion and commitment comes across in every session I teach, either in-person or online. 

I'm a natural but aging athlete, a life-long teacher and motivator and use my own physical movement limitations to help build my client's confidence in their own bodies. My teaching features simple language and you'll always know why you are performing the movements and poses, and you'll always have time to ask questions. 

I am also a writer and quite enjoy sharing my philosophy on teaching yoga, as well as some helpful movement and meditative exercises on my blog which you can check out for free on this site, and on my social media pages on Facebook + Instagram at the handle @DoYogaWithJoy. 

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Professional Training + Certifications 

Yoga Alliance Expert-Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200 with over 1,000 hours teaching yoga

Carolina Yoga Company Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hours, 2018

Yoga for Athletes Certification with Sage Rountree, 30 hours, 2020
Applied Anatomy Training, Jenni Rawlings + Jenni Tarma, 20 hours, 2020

Yoga Detour Summer School Training, 2020
Yoga Medicine Innovation Conference, 20 Hours, 2020



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