Joy Zazzera, MS, 200 E-RYT is a Northeastern Pennsylvania based yoga teacher, educator and aspiring massage therapist.

Joy's unique approach blends the tradition of yoga with her extensive study of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics including training on working with common injuries and soft-tissue dysfunction.

Joy balances the more introspective, somatic, and subtle aspects of yoga with yoga therapeutics based on her active study as a student in globally-recognized Yoga Medicine’s 500 hour advanced teacher training program.

Growing up a relentless and driven athlete, Joy’s athletic work-ethic, injuries, surgeries and little focus on athletic-recovery led her to early onset osteoarthritis and two total knee replacements by the age of 41. In the time between then and now, she has honed her skills as a compassionate, relatable and confident teacher, through a variety of teaching roles, saving what she believes is her most influential teaching responsibility for her life’s purpose going forward - teaching yoga and mindful movement and helping people experience inner connection, whole-body balance and relaxation. It is now her passion to help educate, empower and inspire other Generation Xer’s and older adults to reprioritize their physical and mental wellness through the lens of yoga, relaxation and mindful living. 

Joy’s studio series classes provide insight into the body through mindful investigation and exploration. Series classes are planned and delivered in short modules where the big picture is taught in simple language through core concepts reaching far beyond just making shapes on a yoga mat. Students are truly encouraged and provided ways to adapt each class to suit their unique needs while still reaping all the benefits, making Joy’s classes refreshing and un-intimidating for beginner students and anyone struggling with a physical limitation. 

Yoga with Joy offers a simple system to help you rebuild strength from deep within the body through purposefully slow, yet deceptively challenging movement. Rather than focus on a hierarchical system of yoga poses for different levels, Joy leads you along a simple roadmap into your inner landscape so you can gain the most benefit for your investment. From her unique, introspective style of teaching yoga you’ll truly get to your know body on a more intimate level.

This relaxed, anatomically-centered style of yoga has been curated from Joy’s intensive study with a small handful of globally-recognized teacher trainers whose focus is on yoga, anatomy, biomechanics and neuromuscular remapping through slow, purposeful mindful movement. Namely, her mentor Sage Rountree, owner of the Carolina Yoga Company where Joy completed both her initial 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and advanced certification in Teaching Yoga to Athletes, and Tiffany Cruikshank (founder), Jennia Tarma, and Rachel Land of Yoga Medicine.  

Joy’s teaching comes to life in ways off the mat, through her website blog and social media channel writings and musings on yoga’s physical and philosophical teachings, and how she applies them to her life and weaves these teachings into her classes. 

Joy was first introduced to yoga in 2000 and maintained a steadily sporadic practice until she found she needed the space, and opportunity to explore her changing body in a way that helped her rediscover a sense of athleticism and connection. Through the earliest and relatively pain-free stages of osteoarthritis her practice increased in dedication. Over time however, it became impossible to endure the discomfort and pain in her right knee, a knee she had over-used to compensate for a torn and reconstructed left ACL injury that altered a very optimistic high-school basketball career. Following a difficult first total knee replacement that included an manual manipulation under anesthesia a few weeks post-op and grueling physical therapy protocol, Joy’s second total knee replacement followed one year later with greater and more focused preparation, including a steady diet of yoga, yielding dramatically different results. Her love of sport and feeling athletic now translates and better complements her love for  adventuring outdoors. When she’s going not ALL IN on her business, you can find Joy bathing in nature with yoga, meditation or reading, riding along the water in her kayak, ripping up the powder on her snowboard, at the ocean’s edge, at a Phish concert or traveling to where any of the above is possible! 

The foundation of Joy's professional background before life as a full-time yoga teacher includes a liberal-arts based undergraduate degree in Education with concentrations in Health & Physical Education, Physiology and Psychology and graduate degree in Sport Management. Over 20 years, Joy held a well-balanced variety of leadership roles  including: elementary, high school, post-secondary and private classroom instruction, including 10 years split between Smith College (MA) & Arcadia University (PA) where her work in collegiate athletics administration concentrated on Sports Information & Scheduling, NCAA Rules Compliance, student-athlete leadership and mentorship and marketing & public relations.  Joy is a natural people-person with an authentic and light personality, and has always brought a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude to any work she's done. She now combines the best of her previous experiences with her love for yoga's inner workings and understanding it's potential to help the human body heal. Joy's genuine passionate for helping others find improved motion in both body and life, through yoga is evident every time she leads a practice. 



Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, YACEP  
Over 1,000 hours teaching yoga to adults, beginners, athletes and those with medical conditions.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2018


Studied and trained in a comprehensive immersion under Sage Rountree, Carolina Yoga Company Owner, Author, Endurance Sports Coach & internationally recognized authority in Yoga for Athletes. This elite program included training highlighted by Jenni Tarma (Yoga Medicine), Carol Krucoff (Duke Integrative Medicine), Mira Shani (108 Yoga Love), and Michael Johnson (Asheville Yoga Center).

Advanced training and continuing education in Applied Anatomy, 2020


Studied and trained under internationally recognized teachers Jenni Tarma (Carolina Yoga Company + Yoga Medicine) and Jenni Rawlings. Foundational anatomy concepts supported by a closer look at the spine, sacroiliac joint, hips, shoulders, the nervous system and pain science and their application to yoga and movement.

Certified as an expert in teaching yoga to athletes, 2020


Continued advanced training under Sage Rountree, leading to 30 hours of continuing education and my first advanced certification. Curriculum and application focused on athletic recovery, the athlete training cycle, common athletic injuries, philosophy, psychology, physiology and pedagogy for designing highly effective sports-specific recovery classes.

Summer School Training, 2020


Studied with Yoga Detour founder Cecily Milné in an interactive course focused on building and moving more efficiently through a stable and balanced Sun Salutation and the anatomy involved.

Innovation Conference, 2020


Studied and earned 20 hours of advanced training with Yoga Medicine. A comprehensive training from internationally recognized Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialists on current scientific research including but not limited to: Fibromyalgia, Cancer Survivorship, Interoceptive Awareness, Optimizing Human Performance, Athlete Workload, Neuroimaging, Somatics, Post-Traumatic Growth,  Gut Microbiome, Energy + Intuitive Management, Thoracolumbar Fascia, & Teaching Yoga to Older Adults.

Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction & Therapeutic Application, 2021


Completed 55 hours of intensive training on the spine's biomechanics, as a student in Yoga Medicine's 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training program. Studying and training under world-renowned teacher trainer and Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank and YM teacher Jenni Tarma.

Hip: Anatomy, Dysfunction & Therapeutic Application, 2021


Completed 55 hours of intensive training on the hip's biomechanics, as a student in Yoga Medicine's 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training program. Studying and training under world-renowned teacher trainer and Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank and YM teacher Rachel Land.

Shoulder: Anatomy, Dysfuntion & Therapeutic Application, 2021


In progress: 55 hours of intensive training on the shoulder's biomechanics, as a student in Yoga Medicine's 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training program. Studying and training under world-renowned teacher trainer and Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank and YM teacher Rachel Land.