First Round of Winter Series begins Jan. 9; Second Round TBA;

No matter the series you select, in a short round of classes I can teach you ways to :

Grow to love a simple, therapeutic-feeling yoga practice totally customized with you in mind.

Turn up awareness + connection to your body, including your posture and breath.

Turn down physical + mental disharmony.

Learn more about your blind spots + strengthen them. 

Redistribute even tension throughout your body. 

Create new movement scenarios that build confidence in your nervous system.

Improve hydration, quality, resilience and efficiency to your fascia, the fabric system holding your entire body together and helping it to move. 

Fine tune musculature performance required for efficient postural support and spinal integrity. 

Relax | Release | Renew 

I recommend my signature studio series Yoga with Joy for anyone brand new to yoga or returning to their practice after some time away. Beginner's will fit right in without feeling lost, embarrassed or lacking in any way! All will be challenged!




6 Class Series
Wednesdays, 10 - 11 am; 5 - 6 pm; 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Jan. 12, 19, 26, Feb. 2, 9 & 16

This is my own personal practice that I share with those desiring a sustainable and introspective yoga experience to better meet your needs both in the present and for your future self and health. I aim to approach teaching you yoga in a way that places you "in your body" while working to minimize distractions brought about by the external environment as well as from within our own mind. 

This practice will not satisfy those looking to yoga as a workout, or looking to sweat through increased heart rate and revved up respiration rates.  This series will satisfy those appreciative of the space and mindful, therapeutic approach as well as the slow, subtle movement that can be hard work, especially if we are targeting what needs to be awakened. This practice will put you in closer connection to your chronic hot spots and help to change your relationship to them, and begin to change the way these areas negatively influence your whole-body system. The practice will move you in a ways where you can sense greater elasticity in your tissues making transitions between movements + poses feel more fluid, graceful and both physically and mentally integrated. For experienced yoga students, this practice asks you to let go of pre-determined conditions you may have for your yoga practice that may lean toward advancing through progressively challenging poses, set sequences, or strict rigidity to one yoga system or style. 

Yoga with Joy is based on my deeper understanding anatomy, physiology, and the integration of modern science and research with traditional yoga practices that promote sustainability and longevity. The feel-good effects of your yoga practice should extend well-beyond the physical poses, help you regain ownership of your mind + body and make them feel whole.  This practice will teach you tools for self-control, relaxation, and elevated well-being. Expect to release what's chronically tight + tense, and reawaken what's under-utilized around the spine, hips, and core while improving overall nervous system function, including bridging new neural pathways in the brain to help mitigate disease and despair.

Awareness and education are powerful tools for revealing our capacity to live well in the mind and body. From there, we can not only heal, but transcend our challenges and pursue growth, tapping into what it fully means to be well. 

No pictures ever taken of students - YOU HAVE MY UNDIVIDED, SELF-LESS ATTENTION. 



6 Class Series
Tuesdays, 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Jan. 11, 18, 25, Feb. 1, 8 & 15

No matter your age, regardless of the sport you play now or once did, Yoga for Enlightened Athletic Balance is the missing link in your athletic-minded lifestyle. This practice is aimed to help you cope with stiffness, structural imbalance, stress, exhaustion, mental fatigue and infuse your performance recovery with potency. 

For those currently active in sports, this is not a practice where the focus is on the things you are already getting enough of: strength training, mobility training, rehab, prehab, training longer at higher intensities and REPETITIVE MOTION. For the athletic-minded adult, this isn't a practice where the focus is on competition or striving for some sense of flexibility you had in your youth years. This is a practice that almost ANYONE can do today, one that can help you connect all of the other athletic training & pursuits you may doing in life, at the same time, provide you valuable feedback on your body and teach you ways to sustain athletic demand and focus as you age. 

This is a practice that asks you to be present to the mind + body differently then being in the gym or workout arena with many of the same stimuli and desires that essentially exhausts us in the external environment - music, social media, striving for recognition for external pursuits. This practice will help you answer the question: what needs your attention and, more importantly, what does not?  When you start to put the pieces together and see the thread that runs from your strength training pursuits, to physical therapy, to yoga to athletic performance, to well-being, to recovery, to athletic sustainability and longevity, to joy - you see that YOGA can be the missing link. 

No pictures ever taken of students - YOU HAVE MY UNDIVIDED, SELF-LESS ATTENTION - MY OWN PERSONAL "A GAME".  This is a safe space to disconnect and efficiently utilize the time in my guidance to tune in to work on the inner-self, and tune-out the endless distractions in the external environment.  I refer to this as the 'zone of yoga" and it is where essential athletic skills like FOCUS, PRESENCE and EXPANDED AWARENESS + ENLIGHTENMENT can be nurtured and sustained through regular practiced.

Expect to disconnect, relax, stretch, loosen up, become centered and lean into a deeper understanding of your athletic body as a means to boost your capacity to perform and recover. Learn something new about your anatomy & physiology and how the body was designed to function as a whole body: physical, mental and spiritual. 



5 Class Series
Sundays 3 - 4:15 pm
Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30 Feb. 6

Be guided in each 75 minute floor-based session to drop fully into awareness of yourself, experiencing the gradual release of heavy tension and stress from the physical and emotional body. Using props like bolsters, blankets, blocks and bands, your body will be positioned and supported in a number of deeply relaxing positions that target tension and stiffness in the upper back, middle and lower back, around the hips and along the side-body, and within the abdominal organs and the nervous system.

While each class is supported by a number of short guided meditations to help keep your mind relaxed and focused on your inner-experience, this series also includes longer Yoga Nidra inspired experiences. You’ll practice being in a meditative state where the mind becomes fully absorbed in the present moment, withdrawing you from the desire for action or reaction. Yoga Nidra is a scientifically proven practice that helps to increase the amount and circulation of dopamine in the brain - a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a rile in how we experience pleasure. This Restorative Yoga series will give you a glimpse into the complementary but separate practice of Yoga Nidra and an opportunity to sample it’s short and long term benefits. 

No yoga experience, certain level of fitness or flexibility required. This class will positively enhance your life in the short-term. Some props will be required by the participants. 



6 Class Series
Thursdays, 2 - 3 pm
Jan. 13, 20, 27, Feb. 3, 10 & 17

While this series will be geared toward adults with limitations in accessing the floor, participants will experience movement in a way that extends beyond Chair Yoga. This series will be empowering for anyone dealing with inflammation and soft tissues changes, osteoarthritis and joint replacement, osteopenia and osteoporosis, vascular and heart conditions, respiratory, diabetes and cancer and currently managing their symptoms in coordination with their health care provider.  Participants who can move simply without vocalizing pain are best suited for participation in this small group class. 

These 8, hour-long classes in this older beginner-focused series are designed to teach those new or newer to yoga simple, effective ways to: 
Feel confident with reasonable and functional flexibility and maintain mobility for your everyday activities ;
Self-soothe by learning coping techniques aimed to reduce levels of stress, anxiety, worry and agitation, and mental turbulence, and improve inner awareness, self-control, focus, quality of sleep, and calm;
Improve balance, coordination of and connection to your whole body as it moves you through your life;
Release tension around your most commonly held postures by unwinding muscular habits that influence your spine and help dissolve tension in the chest and front of the shoulders;
Counter thoracic kyphosis and scoliosis of the spine and improve your core awareness and strength;
Improve blood and lymphatic flow, increase the hydration of your muscular and visceral fascial matrix and maintain joint lubrication;  
Improve the structural balance around the joints from all sides;
Positively influence your energy and mood;

I will take care to avoid both rapid changes of direction + positions that place unaccustomed weight directly on weakend bones. I’ll demonstrate ways to modify movements to accommodate for physical limitations, giving you plenty of encouragement to both explore what feels best for you and to ask questions as you move.