Designed to be experienced as a 4 or 6 class module to give your body an all-encompassing experience of mindful movement and help your over-exerted nervous system begin to heal. Or enjoy these a la carte as single, simple, feel-good yoga classes online using Zoom during this time my Mayfield, PA studio is temporarily closed for in-person classes.
Studio re-opening for small commitment-based series classes, mid-April, 2021.

Bring more movement + mindfulness into your daily life that will help you press the rest button and a renewed sense of purpose, health + motivation, to carry you forward stronger into 2021.
Any or all of these classes are a great way to try out my style of teaching yoga before committing to a short series at my studio or as the perfect way to slowly rediscover your practice if you've been away from it.



Select from a 4 class or 6 class module or a la carte single class options. All 4 class and 6 class module participants will be invited to a special LIVE Q + A Tutorial Session with an opportunity to pre-submit questions about a pose, technique, or regarding anatomy, movement, or mindset! 

Each session runs 75 minutes. Participate LIVE or with a class recording. All participants have access to the recording for 30-days from it's air-date.

Classes included in the 4 class module are indicated under the class time with an *.

To book classes in modules, please scroll to the bottom of the page and register by Friday, March 5. 

Or, select option to Book a Single Class, select the class date also indicating the class you're signing up for within your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. 


LIVE: Sunday, March 7, 2021, 9:30 am EST
*included in the 4 class module

Be guided over this 75 minute floor-based session to drop fully into awareness of yourself, experiencing the gradual release of heavy tension and stress from the physical and emotional body. Using props you already have in your home, your body will be positioned and supported in a number of deeply relaxing positions that target tension and stiffness in the upper back, hips, lower back, side-body, and within the abdominal organs and the nervous system. Throughout the class you be guided in a number of short guided meditations to help keep you focused on your inner-awareness and relaxation.


LIVE: Thursday, March 11, 2021, 6:30 pm EST
*included in the 4 class module

For your regular day-today to your more chronically stiff and tight hips and shoulders as well as decreased mobility along your spine. This relaxed 75 minute class will brief you on the relationship between these 3 structures and teach you simple exercises and techniques to keep your pain and discomfort in better check. Two yoga  blocks, two tennis balls, 1 yoga strap or band and a blanket/towel will be used to support the movements taught in this class. Exercises will be performed reclined on the back in the face up + belly down positions, kneeling, seated and standing. 


LIVE: Monday, March 15, 2021, 6:30 pm EST

A 75 minute class for athletically-driven people or more active folks who consistently feel tight and tired. this dynamic class features simple yoga poses combined with creative movements that that test and strengthen your ranges of motion outside of the box of your habitual, repetitive movements. You can also expect to challenge your awareness of your body in space, your balance on one and two feet, and your ability to create more stability, symmetry and ease in the body. Since there will be of time included for chilling out this class makes a quality recovery practice on a lighter or off training day. Props used will include: 2 yoga blocks, 2 tennis balls, yoga strap or band, blanket/towel and wall space. 


LIVE: Thursday, March 18, 2021, 6:30 pm EST
*included in the 4 class module

In my signature studio class, you'll experience the best of my teaching from across all of the disciples of yoga I love to teach from. This 75 minute experience will take you from reclined - seated - kneeling - standing - belly down and back to reclined targeting the most common areas of tension, stiffness, weakness and imbalance in the physical body and help you connect to a deeper sense of mindfulness and inner-awareness, relaxation and calm. The poses and movements are simple, happen carefully, are easy to follow along to and explained with purpose. Props used will include: 2 yoga blocks, 2 tennis balls, yoga strap or band, blanket/towel and bolster or pillow. 


LIVE: Sunday, March 21, 2021, 9:30 am EST

This class combines the benefits of myofasical therapy/self-massage with slow mindful yoga flows. our whole body is contained and supported by fascial tissue and it's quality and function determines how efficient we move and how balanced our internal systems interface with each other.  In this 75 minute class we will focus on the upper and lower back, along the spine, and around the hips and and belly, first performing self-massage using tennis balls to help bring improved circulation and fluid to the area and then test that work by taking those areas through our full range of motion. The slow flowing movements will be simple, insightful, fun and easy to follow along. The purpose of this work will be to experience an improved slide-and-glide affect from our muscle, connective and nervous tissues that support our joints and organs ability to feel mobile and free, making this a great class for everybody, including athletes! Props used will be: 2 yoga blocks, 2 tennis balls, and blanket/towel.  


LIVE: Thursday, March 25, 2021, 10:30 am EST
*included in the 4 class module

Our pandemic lifestyle - excess time spent homebound, hunched over our screens, sitting on our couches and accumulating stress and difficult emotions, and less time moving and challenging our bodies with exercise, movement and other activities - has played itself out along our posture, whether we realize it or not.  Chances are over the past year, you have experienced increased headaches, neck tension, shoulder and upper back stiffness, lack of focus and confusion, fatigue, and feelings of lopsidedness - physical, emotional, or both! While this class is not a cure-all for any of those things, the simple alignment meditation I teach you along with learning gentle movements you can do at any time during your day, will help you be able to correct and realign more often as you become increasingly aware of when you fall into poor posture. The techniques explored will help you can choose posture more upright, efficient and strong, more often. Props used will include: a folding chair, 2 tennis balls, a blanket or thicker beach towel. 



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