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All Yoga Classes Paused Until 2024

I run my signature 5 class yoga series, Yoga with Joy, seasonally, fall through spring, to small groups in my private teaching studio on the Scranton/Carbondale Highway in Mayfield, PA. These 5 class yoga series teach students, through cutting-edge movement & neuroscience research, practical and highly effective problem-solving approaches addressing internal imbalances targeting movement, mindset, and relaxation. My classes also address best etiquette for how to be a student of yoga.

The intention for each 5 class yoga series is to empower each student to develop curiosity with the approaches and build confidence over time with the solutions I teach in-person.  And, for longer-lasting results, the self-drive to practice a “little and often approach” at-home, so “yoga” becomes easily accessible to self-apply as real-time SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT. Through every 5 class series you'll develop movement solutions for feeling tight, weak, exhausted and in pain - including ACTIVE-LIFESTYLE RECOVERY practices - practice skills for amplifying RELAXATION and IMPROVING MINDSET, and empowerment to apply insight gained to NUTURE and teach yourself - outside of yoga class - how to reach RESTORATIVE STATES as routine self-care.



Kickstart your entry into developing a body-focused understanding of yoga and active relaxation or build upon your current understanding.  My signature series offering transpires overs 5 weeks encouraging a sweet way to build commitment.  You will become equip with:

  • solution-focused methods for addressing the body’s most influential needs

  • patience to move slow to gain as much information about your movement as possible 

  • simple, learnable movements to experience a good-stretch


  • challenges and practices to test your sense of balance

  • movements that yield immediate feedback and build resilience through your active range of joint-control

  • active relaxation skills and breath-focused exercises easily transferrable into self-applied techniques to soothe real-time stress​​ and imbalance


  • 5 class commitment; 60 minute small group, beginner-supported classes, taught with anatomical and medical accuracy.

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