Registration now open for my 2022 fall season of yoga.


Kickstart your entry into developing a body-focused understanding of yoga and active relaxation or build upon your current understanding.  My signature series offering transpires overs 5 weeks encouraging a sweet way to build commitment.  You will become equip with:

  • solution-focused methods for addressing the body’s most influential needs

  • patience to move slow to gain as much information about your movement as possible 

  • simple, learnable movements to experience a good-stretch

  • challenges and practices to test your sense of balance

  • movements that yield immediate feedback and build resilience through your active range of joint-control

  • active relaxation skills and breath-focused exercises easily transferrable into self-applied techniques to soothe real-time stress​​


  • 5 class commitment; 60 minute classes.

  • 3 Practice-extending email check-ins from me as series unfolds.

Tuesdays 5:30 pm
Session B: Oct. 18 - Nov. 15

Wednesdays 6:15 pm
Session B: Oct. 19 - Nov. 16

5 Class Series Cost: $120


The key to building long-term wellness is through gaining empowerment to take an active role in applying regular, restorative self-care. This restorative-blend practice promotes quieting the mind and equips you with quintessential practices that promote your self-led success. This is the practice I self-apply the most!  Offered as a single-class commitment, in this ultra-nourishing, nervous system resilience-building practice class I steer your growth to: 

  • begin, build and maintain mindful self-care practices recharge and promote replenishment and balance for the body’s internal systems and natural capacity for health

  • experience heightened inner-awareness and restorative states through myofascial release, mindful stretching, prop-supported positions, meditation and visualization 

  • feel successful and safe practicing stillness, silence and non-judgmental inner-inquiry

  • appreciate meaningful restorative practices that restore your nervous system and promote long-term wellness

  • Must be comfortable moving around along the floor

  • Single-class commitment offered 3 times monthly 

  • 75 minute class

Morning Sessions:
Wednesdays 9:30 am | Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 23

Evening Sessions:
Mondays 6:30 pm | Oct. 3, Nov. 7

Book a single 75 minute session for $25 or book a seasonal 3 Class Pass for $69