Working with Joy for a Happier Lifestyle

If you are new to practicing with me, the following information will help you determine if I am the right teacher for you and help you feel settled and comfortable practicing with me in-person. A good place to begin is on my home page, where I detail the clients I love to work with and offer a glimpse of my style of teaching yoga. If you're instantly hooked or a bit more curious, feel free to get in touch with me and come back to this page and read about how you can become a practicing client with me in 2022.



I primarily teach yoga classes in short commitment-based series, recurring on a cycle throughout the year. At this time, I don’t not offer regular drop-in classes.  While my private schedule is currently full for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, I happily take interest for future openings. I especially love to work with those with unique physical and orthopedic needs committed to regaining agency over their body. 

If you are deciding about making a short-term commitment to a yoga series for Winter 2022, you might consider the intentions behind the classes as your deciding factor.

Particularly, the series Yoga with Joy, Lifelong Athletic Balance and Yoga for Older Beginners will address the following:

Physiological imbalances throughout our whole body-system; 

Compensations and weakness as a result of poor postural scenarios and movement mechanics, and extra time in the sit position. Posture performance will be taught in a way where spinal integrity and health are a top priority.

Teach you more about your existing and even newly developing blindspots and teach simple practices that build more capacity around them. 

Stress-management and exercises for developing greater focus using body and breath awareness; 

Turning up the awareness, patience and trust factors within yourself putting you in greater tune with your inner-listening skills. 

Strength and stabilization of the tissues supporting your spine (including the neck) and hips to help dampen the dominating sensation of being disconnected from your self and experiencing new or changed discomfort and pain in the body.

Challenge and strengthen neuromuscular control teaching new information to your nervous systems so to keep the capacity you have as you age. 

Help you connect to the sensations that backdrop your movement experience and teach you how to turn fear of sensation into inquiry and then empowerment. 

At this time the number of series I’ll be offering will be limited as will the participant count in each. By late 2022, I will be expanding my offerings, giving you more options to practice yoga with me, at which point I envision being able to host more than my current maximum of 10 students per session. In the meantime there are ways to practice yoga with me online that can easily fit your schedule and immediate movement and mindfulness needs. 

If you’ve read this far and are seriously considering trying a short-series of yoga with me, which I wholeheartedly encourage you to do, please continue onto the Studio Welcome Guide where I detail everything you need to know about what to expect during in-person classes at my new Mayfield studio.  This expanded location sits right on the Scranton/Carbondale Highway less than one-minute from the Casey Highway's exits for Jermyn and Carbondale at Meredith Street.  

If you are considering joining a short-series in the near future please reach out to me - knowing your interest helps me to better tailor my offerings to you!