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If you are new to practicing movement with me, the following information will help you determine if I am the right teacher for you and help you feel settled and comfortable practicing with me in-person. A good place to begin is on my homepage. I encourage you to join my Inner Circle Community - my exclusive e-newsletter that regularly provides learning tools and early-access to my private and small group offerings. Just submit the form with a few details about you and one problem you are looking to yoga to help you solve. By joining, you'll receive a complementary video of me teaching solutions for postural problems for you to try on for size. Or get in touch with me by clicking the button below and introduce yourself to me with an email.



What Joy's clients & colleagues say about working with her.

Your classes are helping me feel better and gain confidence around learning yogaIt even extends off the mat helping me improve the distance I've been able to walk and run. Thank you for offering yoga in the way you do for us. You have truly found your calling.

New Series Client


At age 39 I underwent my first total knee replacement. My second one followed at 41. Both brought me to my edge - the first, to a real low, the second, rising in redemption and facing the life-changing situation with determination and focus. Now, at 45, everyday requires me to be realistic about my new range of motion limitations and how my new prothesis' are adapting to my body and life as a movement teacher. I believe yoga is an incredible practice to help anyone prepare for, endure, recover and maintain a joint replacement. As your yoga teacher, I help impart my real-life experience of having lived through the surgeries, grueling physical rehabilitations and adaptation periods while both you and your body get used to living with a new prosthetic joint. I can teach you to make peace with your changed range of motion, coach you to maintain it and not lose it, and push you to create more desirable physical and mental conditions for adjusting to the stages you'll progress though along your journey. One of the bravest things you'll do is to decide to take control of your limits and not be defined by them!

Contact me today to find out why Yoga with Joy can complement and aid your joint replacement experience.

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