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A Happy Entry Point


Finding the right for you entry point to yoga can be confusing and a bit intimidating. Making sure to quickly ease these feelings either in an initial conversation before trying classes with me or during classes with me, is my top priority when working with people new to yoga. 

I am able to quickly ease new students hesitations because the focus of my teaching is not tied to any one yoga style or person's perceived level of yoga ability or length of experience with yoga. I help students try yoga on for size and teach ways to build self-determination to enjoy a lifelong yoga habit. Students feel accomplished and in the know from straight-forward, digestible teaching, offered in simple doses easily transferrable to the student's desire to develop a regular home-practice. Yoga with Joy is medicinal yoga movement purposely created to be the antidote for the discomfort, demand, pace and complexity of our modern lives and to help reverse the negative effects of living lifestyles that encourage distraction over presence. Ultimately, I teach body-informed yoga in a simple way so students can feel successful in teaching themselves outside of teacher-led classes. 

My goal is to teach students something new about their body every time we meet. My relentless study of anatomy and it’s application to yoga as well as yoga therapeutics are the keystone to my ability to keep my students informed and help deepen their relationship with themself and their personal relationship with yoga.  

The unique format my signature series Yoga with Joy is ideal for beginners, new to yoga. The series offer a short-commitment focus and freshly curated information that is intended to be new for everyone. I have found that to see results with anything, making a short commitment offers the opportunity to settle in, take a closer lens to certain weaknesses and offer time to rebuild a more balanced system. An added highlight is that I love to include and help you fine-tune short sequences or “movement snacks” defined with purpose within my classes. As you find one your body really responds to, you can add “little doses of yoga” to respond with control to real-time needs. 

I wholeheartedly love to teach those a little timid about trying yoga and give them an experience that helps the student to honor the commitment they are making and not make the student want to give up - rather, one that connects them to their body’s potential in such a way that motivates them to apply the simple practices learned in classes to more regular at-home routines for self-care. 

If you’re new to yoga, Yoga with Joy offers a satisfying place to begin. Or begin again. 

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