Outdoor Yoga 

Interested in hosting an outdoor yoga class at your pool, lakefront property, yard or other outdoor venue? Contact me today to discuss details and rates. 

One of yoga's (many) beauties is it can be done anywhere. Practicing yoga in the outdoors is an unparalleled experience.


A recent Swedish study found viewing nature, especially fractals (the organically occurring patterns in tree branches and fern leaves for example), increased wakeful relaxation and internal focus - two pretty important components of a rewarding yoga practice. 

Nature connects us to our roots.  The grass, the ocean, lakes, trees and mountains are all part of our primeval world. While a vigorous hike has its own benefits, practicing yoga outside can transform a stagnant routine into a heightened experience.

Here are four ways that work:

Spending time in nature can replenish depleted energy. 

Natural scenery can heighten awareness. 

Practicing yoga in a new environment can build confidence. 

The outdoor's can further boost meditation benefits. 

Practicing solo or as a class in a fresh-air setting takes the notion of connection to a whole other level of awareness. Unique idea for a group of girl friends, neighbors or lake communities. 

Sessions available as 60 or 90 minutes. 

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