Scheduling for all private sessions, in-studio and online are temporarily on hold due to COVID-19.
To inquire about future scheduling please contact Joy directly for more information. 

  • Private Coaching Session with Customized At-Home Yoga Practice 

Following a 75 minute private practice with me, I will develop a full take-home class personalized for you and goals that includes a combination of mobility, stability, body awareness, and mindfulness by using a therapeutic or generally relaxed approach. Our bodies are incredibly adaptable, resilient, and strong and I can show you how yoga can help you tap into that and provide you with a personalized class that you can use over and over. 

This option is great for a beginner not sure if yoga is for you, or if you have tried it in the past and are just not feeling it. For anyone wanting to build some confidence with the basics before joining a small group class or anyone not quite ready to return to the studio environment but in need of a yoga tune-up with a uniquely personalized take-away product. 

Following your private one-to-one coaching session, either in my Mayfield, PA studio or online through my virtual studio from the comfort of your own space, I will create an at-home class or package of shorter videos specifically for you to help you reach your goals, move better, feel less stressed, be more productive, and create more body awareness that translates to your day to day activities.

One to One 75 minute Private Coaching Session plus Personalized at-home Class designed specifically for you with opportunity for phone or email follow up, $149.00

  • One to One Private Coaching

If you are a beginner new to yoga, or an adult looking for a more mindful approach to movement, direct personal study with me will fast-track your practice. In a private lesson, you’ll receive personalized instruction tailored to help you become more aware of your habitual movement patterns and teach you new ways to gain access to under-used, stiff and weak areas of the body. You’ll be able to ask questions all along the way, and I will give you a follow-up assessment with detailed practice notes and suggestions for home practice. Practice can take place in my Mayfield, PA studio or online through my virtual studio from the comfort of your own space.  

Initial Lesson Rate: $100, includes consultation and 75 minute practice, post-practice questions + recommendations 

Ongoing Lesson Rate: $90, includes a single 75 minute practice, post-practice questions + recommendations  

4 Private Lesson package: $340, includes initial consult + 3, 75 minute practices (scheduled every other week over 8 weeks), post-practice questions + recommendations.

*Add a second person for an additional $50 per individual lesson or an additional $150 for 4 lesson package 

  • Private Small Group Class for Adults 

Great for a small group of friends or family, interested in one or multiple private class sessions to be held in my Mayfield, PA studio or online in my virtual studio from the comfort of your own home(s). Includes consultation prior to class to address specific needs and concerns. 

Groups of 3 - 5: $150, includes 75 minute practice, post-practice questions and recommendations 

Groups of 6 - 8: $200, includes 75 minute practice, post-practice questions and recommendations 

  • Yoga for Adult Athletes: One-to-One Private Coaching

Yoga is about sustained attention as a product of a balanced system and it offers athletes a higher-level of knowledge about the physiology and psychology of being an athlete. Tailored for all athletes 18 years of age and older. The physical work we do together will target the body’s muscles and tendons, improving the balance, stability and flexibility around the hips, along the spine, and through the shoulder complex. Recovery work will be mixed in helping to change your relationship with rest and teaching you stretching matched with conscious yoga breathing. My broad goals are to help you experience less fatigue, maximize your down time, provide you increased capacity to fire on all cylinders and deliver yoga to you in away that helps you build resilience to both acute and repetitive stress injuries, on the yoga mat and in your sport. This relaxed, researched-based approach to yoga will lead you towards improved whole-body functional strength and greater power, fluidity and maneuverability and give you better awareness of dimensional balance to the work you do in your sport training.  

I will teach you simple ways to relax, stretch with conscious breathing and create more self-reliance for peace and calm. The tools I teach you and help you become familiar with can then be used on your own, as part of your training especially to be used during your down time and adaptation periods between applications of stress (practice and training). This will include giving you tools to help connect you to the intangibles of improved focus and mind management skills. These skills, best learned in a quiet peaceful setting, ultimately lead to a better sense of feeling integrated in your physical body, with your breath, your mind and your nervous system all working as a team to keep you balanced and strong in your body, in your sport and in your life. These are the kind of intangibles high level athletes are seeking out in adding a bit of yoga into their training cycles. 

Practice can take place in my Mayfield, PA studio or online through my virtual studio from the comfort of your own space.  

Initial Lesson Rate: $100, includes consultation, 75 minute personalized practice according to your unique goals, recommendations and opportunity for follow-up

Ongoing Lesson Rate: $85, includes a single 75 minute personalized practice, recommendations, and opportunity for follow-up 

4 Private Lesson Package: $340, includes initial consult + 3, 75 minute personalized practices, recommendations, and opportunity for follow-up

*Add a second person for $50 per lesson 

  • Yoga for Student-Athletes: One-to-One Private Coaching 

Yoga for Adult Athletes approach but tailored for student-athletes ages 13 - 17 according to sport-specific needs.

Initial Lesson Rate: $75, includes consultation, 60 minute practice, recommendations and opportunity for follow-up 

Ongoing Lesson Rate: $65, includes a single 60 minute practice, recommendations and opportunity for follow-up 

3 Private Lesson Package: $195, includes consultation + 3, 60 minute practices, recommendations and opportunity for follow-up

5 Private Lesson Package: $300 includes consultation + 5, 60 minute practices, recommendations and opportunity for follow-up 

*Add a second student for $35 per lesson 

  • Yoga for Athletes: Team + Small Group Coaching

I work with your athletes with my undivided focused attention and professional knowledge using my Yoga for Athletes approach (detailed above) but tailored for partial (3 or more athletes) or entire junior high, high school, collegiate, club, travel teams and facilities working with athletes. My expert training in Yoga for Athletes and on-going studies in Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology and Pathology means my program is designed for those wanting a safe, specific, research-based recovery and mental approach to yoga. One that complements and balances the demands of intense athletic training and participation with increasingly less periods of rest.  An expectation of a series of ongoing sessions is required for booking. 

Please reach out for rates, availability and site considerations, also noting why my approach to yoga for athletes would be meaningful to your team.