Lifelong Athletic Balance

8 Class Studio Series Friday's @ 5:30 pm

  • Starts Apr 23
  • 145 US dollars

Service Description

LIFELONG ATHLETIC BALANCE is a 60 minute mindful movement experience designed to accommodate athletes of all ages and levels (13 and up), athletically-driven people, recreational weekend warriors or more active folks who consistently feel tight and tired. This dynamic yet relaxed-pace class features simple yoga poses combined with creative movements that test and strengthen your ranges of motion outside of the box of your habitual, repetitive movements. You can expect to challenge your awareness of your body in space, your balance on one and two feet, and your ability to create more stability, symmetry and ease in the body. 
 The approach I take with teaching this practice is: to guide you to bring your body back in a state of balance in all directions, helping under-trained areas grow stronger and over-trained areas relax; improve the balance of your body in space, helping you feel more integrated, stable, powerful and fluid as you move; and provide you a sense of balance between intense athletic pursuits and rest, including techniques to clear head space, reset focus and recommit to striving for efficient performance in your athletic lifestyle . This means, that through dedicated and purposeful practice, it will be possible for an athlete to experience increased mobility, stability, balance, flexibility and relaxation, decreased pain and dysfunction and continued longevity in sport for years to come. My approach with all athletic-minded people is always multidisciplinary and investigative. The physical work we do together trains the body’s tissues to stabilize the joints in tandem with recovery work helping to change an athlete’s relationship with rest. In this way, athlete’s experience less fatigue and greater capacity to fire on all cylinders when needed with the intention to help them avoid both acute and repetitive stress injuries. This leads towards improved whole-body functional strength, greater power and fluidity and better awareness of dimensional balance needed for sport training and competition. It’s an approach that also works for all bodies, a little tight, tired and lopsided. Over time, the investigative work ultimately leads to a better sense of feeling integrated within the physical body, with breath, mind and the nervous system all working as a team to keep athlete’s balanced in their body, in their sport and in their life.

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