Restorative Yoga with Joy (5 Classes)

5 Class Series begins October 17, 2021

  • Starts Oct 17
  • 115 US dollars

Service Description

In a restorative yoga practice, the focus is not on stretching or strengthening but on supportive releasing by connecting to vulnerability in our body. We release tension in the muscles and gently stimulate the organs developing patience in longer held poses designed for support and comfort. We release tension in the mind through listening, to the guidance and through Pranayama (breath awareness) using the breath to anchor the mind more on the experience in the body and less on outside circumstances. To achieve comfort and experience feedback, a variety of props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, sandbags, myofascial balls, and eye pillows are used. Restorative Yoga enhances our healing capacity by helping us regulate the stress response, re-balance the nervous system and effect positive cellular change. Be guided over 5, 75 minute floor-based sessions to drop fully into awareness of yourself, experiencing the gradual release of heavy tension and stress from the physical and emotional body. Using props, your body will be positioned and supported in a number of deeply relaxing positions that target tension and stiffness in the upper back, middle and lower back, around the hips, along the side-body, and within the abdominal organs and the nervous system. While each class is suppor