Tuesday's 5:30 pm

October 18 - November 15, 2022

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  • 120 US dollars
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Service Description

This is my signature 5 class series of yoga - where modern movement science meets traditional yoga philosophy. Each 5 class series offers a focused theme to assure your time in my patient and considerate care feels purposeful, encourages application and exploration in personalized and meaning ways and maintains a fresh, relevant feel from series to series throughout the year. Your participation will be supported outside of class with 3 email check-ins further encouraging your self-application at home. Kickstart your entry into developing a body-focused understanding of yoga or build upon your current understanding. To me, progressing one’s yoga practice doesn’t mean seeking out more complicated poses. It means a desire to get into the nitty-gritty, to troubleshoot, to explore and even deconstruct and re-learn for a new purpose. In my signature series offering, you’ll experience proven methods for addressing the body’s most influential needs, experience a good-stretch, test your balance, gain more accurate control of your range of motion capacities, practice and build your active relaxation skills as well as developing more optimal breathing and mental patterns to decrease stress. I teach detailed yoga, simply, to those on a quest to become more informed and educated about the mind-body connection. The best way to get to know me is to take a 5 class yoga series. By doing so, you’ll see evidence that I value understanding and the felt experience because to me, yoga is a feeling-practice, not a practice that we "do". Which immediately means we can forget about doing anything "right". You’ll see and hear me teach movement skills as the primary intention for exploring yoga poses, engaging capacity and quality of movement so that each student gains an improved sense of self-sovereignty and trust regarding the ever-changing conditions of the body. The environment within these series are truly uncompetitive, welcoming, respective of sacred space, encouraging and exploratory as each individual, including myself, is working with unique physical capacities and limitations. A class series will transpire over 5 consecutive weeks, with each class lasting 60 minutes. Participation is limited to 10 students per series. Registration is required with a $120 exchange for a the 5 class series service.

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  • Yoga with Joy, U.S. 6 Business, Mayfield, PA, USA