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8 Class Studio Series

  • Starts Apr 23
  • 145 US dollars

Service Description

In my signature studio class, you'll experience the best of my teaching from across all of the disciples of yoga I love to teach from. This 60 minute experience will take you from reclined - seated - kneeling - standing - belly down and back to reclined targeting the most common areas of tension, stiffness, weakness and imbalance in the physical body and help you connect to a deeper sense of mindfulness and inner-awareness, relaxation and calm. The poses and movements are simple, happen carefully, are easy to follow along to and explained with purpose. Props used will include: 2 yoga blocks, 2 tennis balls, yoga strap or band, blanket/towel and bolster or pillow. This 8 class series will be tailored to help you and your internal systems rebuild a sense of “normalcy” following a year of pandemic living. Specifically, these classes will be designed to address the following: Physiological imbalances throughout our whole body-system; Compensations and weakness as a result of poor postural scenarios and movement mechanics, and extra time in the sit position, including the physical shift to working virtually; Physical and emotional remnants from being disconnected both socially and from a more active-lifestyle; Stress-management and exercises for developing greater focus using body and breath awareness; Long-term COVID effects including concentration, respiratory capacity and endurance, release of tension, fatigue and clenching and acceptance of relaxation; Strength and stabilization of the tissues supporting your spine (including the neck) and hips to help dampen the dominating sensation of being disconnected from your self and experiencing new or changed discomfort and pain in the body.

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