In-Studio & Online Classes 

In-person studio classes are on temporary hold due to COVID-19.
In their place try an equally effective movement experience with me online!

January + February Online Classes
Seated + Standing Motional Intelligence, Wednesday's 6:30 pm EST
January 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17 + 24
6 Class Series, $60

Low to the Ground Stretch, Release + Relax, Sunday's 9:30 am EST
January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, +21 

6 Class Series, $60

12 Class Package during 6 weeks $99 
Register here by January 15, 2021

Online classes offer the same level of intention as in-person, as I deliver you to a curious and keen awareness regarding your bio-mechanical habits and how to find freedom from them, the experience of both being in your body and being your body in space, and functional movement improvements intended to unstick your hotspots for tightness, discomfort and everyday chronic pain. Pleasantly surprising, simply sequenced poses, movements, positions and techniques keep you zeroed in throughout our time together. Spend less time second guessing your self-perceptions about your body and more time strengthening your resilience to living fully in it. 




I love to draw from a mix of traditional yoga styles shaped by a new narrative of teaching yoga to modern bodies - lived in, tired, resilient, not-bendable, differently shaped, injured, exhausted. Practical and novel movement that delivers the practice of rewiring your nervous system through movement and at times, through not doing much of anything, building your resistance to aging, illness and disease, providing relief from old injuries, over-training and repetitive work and play habits. 

My All Levels Signature Class:
Yoga with Joy 

(In-person series are on hold while studio is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.  Please contact me to be placed on a priority waitlist for future classes; Weekly class online recordings currently available for purchase.)   
This thoughtfully designed class will help you gain confidence and empowerment, make you feel good, give you more ways to do things in your daily life, help you experience movement efficiency, and provide you with a palpable connection to your mind, body and spirit. Due to its therapeutic nature and pace, my signature class is designed to accommodate all levels and abilities of students, including the anatomical variability in every body, whether it's your first yoga class or 101st.  Since Yoga with Joy does not involve complicated, showy or fast-progressing yoga poses, a beginner student will feel just as at home in this class under my care as someone with experience. 

The movements explored will train both your muscle and nervous tissue to move outside of your present habits, show you ways to rebuild greater postural and structural awareness especially around under-used areas of the body, and over time, give you the most diverse tool box for human movement possible FOR YOU. Through dedicated and purposeful practice, it will be possible for you to experience increased mobility, stability, balance, flexibility and relaxation, and decreased pain and disfunction. 

I slowly guide you through the full range of motion for YOUR BODY’S unique movement abilities, teaching you how to create connection through physical awareness, how to use your breath to create space, length and ease in your body, how to balance managing load in order to build your whole body strength and achieve greater control at your end ranges of motion, how to relax tension, tightness, anxiety and stress. All of the concepts I teach will spill over into your daily life, helping you to feel stronger in your body, relaxed in your mind and nervous system, and happier in your spirit making you a nicer person to be around! 

If you are someone with every day aches and pains, increasing discomfort and tightness, lack confidence around your perceived level of fitness or flexibility, are in need of practical ways to manage your stress and your mind, dealing with old injuries and wanting to prevent new ones, living with joint replacements or other life-long conditions, unsure of how to relax, suffer from poor sleep patterns, desiring greater longevity in the mind and body, fearing physical and mental decline as you age, looking to sharpen your mental acuity, desiring a simple,  sustainable routine for personal wellness, or want to maximize and maintain your athleticism in the long-term, I am committed to helping you achieve your unique goals.

Yoga for All Athletes

(In-person series are on hold while studio is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.  Please contact me to be placed on a priority waitlist for future classes; Weekly class online recordings currently available for purchase.) 
This expertly designed class is a mindful movement experience designed to accommodate athletes of all ages (13 and up) involved in any sport, at any level, including the recreational weekend warrior. The movements explored in this class will never be at odds to the work an athlete does to train for and participate in their sport, but rather, be a complement to it, however, you don’t have to identify as an athlete to benefit from this class.  

My method of teaching yoga to athletes is a tool for ATHLETIC RECOVERY and a MELLOW APPROACH TO BALANCE. Balance of the body in all directions, helping their under-trained areas grow stronger and over-trained areas relax. Balance of the body in space, helping them feel more integrated, stable, powerful and fluid as they move. And balance between intense training and competition with the rest and recovery cycle, including techniques to clear head space, reset focus and recommit to striving for efficient performance. This means, that through dedicated and purposeful practice, it will be possible for an athlete to experience increased mobility, stability, balance, flexibility and relaxation, decreased pain and disfunction and longevity in sport for years to come.

My approach with all athletes is multidisciplinary and investigative. The physical work we do together trains the body’s tissues (muscles and tendons) to stabilize the joints in tandem with recovery work helping to change an athlete’s relationship with rest. In this way, athlete’s experience less fatigue and greater capacity to fire on all cylinders when needed with the intention to help them avoid both acute and repetitive stress injuries. This RELAXED APPROACH TO YOGA leads towards improved whole-body functional strength, greater power and fluidity and better awareness of dimensional balance needed for sport training and competition. 

In this class I also teach simple ways to relax and experience calm that maximizes an athlete’s unique training cycle. This approach allows time for adaptation between applications of stress, while connecting athletes to the intangibles of improved focus and mental endurance. Over time, the investigative work ultimately leads to a better sense of feeling integrated within the physical body, with breath, mind and the nervous system all working as a team to keep athlete’s balanced in their body, in their sport and in their life.

Restorative Yoga + Meditation 
(In-person series are on hold while studio is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.  Please contact me to be placed on a priority waitlist for future classes; Weekly class online recordings currently available for purchase.) 

In this Restorative Yoga practice, we’ll focus on releasing tension in the muscle and nervous tissue and gently stimulate the organs though shapes designed to support and comfort you. This stillness-based practice allows you to relearn the art of relaxation while developing your  skills and abilities to self-soothe. The relaxed style of yoga enhances your healing capacity through helping you regulate the stress response and rebalance the nervous system. 

Restorative Yoga is incredibly effective for overall stress levels because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that helps you to relax, while decreasing stress and invoking your rest and digest mode, the mode your body goes into when you’re sleeping. 


Restorative Yoga with Joy is a fusion of floor-based, deeply relaxing positions meant to create openness and ease in your physical body, teach you practical pranayama or yoga breath techniques to help you self-regulate anxiety caused by frazzled nerves, traumatic stress, difficult life’s circumstances, or illness or injury, expose you to simple meditation practices to help you stay present clear-headed and focused, as well as yoga Nidra experiences to teach your subconscious mind to untangle, relax and rejuvenate.


Restorative Yoga uses yoga props in order to build maximum support for the body to feel at ease and fully relax. During this time of precautionary regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, most studio props typically available for a restorative class, will be unavailable for student use. It is recommended that you purchase a few purposeful props like a yoga bolster, blanket, strap and eye pillow or bandana if you do not have similar items of support already in your possession. The studio will provide sanitized yoga blocks, sandbags and therapeutic myofascial release balls for you to use with your signed consent. 

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