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100% of the focus is on you as a whole person. 

Email me to learn about scheduling an initial 90 minute 1-on-1 session in my private studio to discover how yoga and massage therapy can be customized to address your top therapeutic priorities.


To work with a knowledgeable, science-informed and professionally trained and certified movement therapist, book the Move with Joy Makeover for your in-depth initial consultation.

The people I am best able to help reach their wellness and movement goals are motivated adults seeking:

  • Sport Specialized, Customized ATHLETIC RECOVERY

  • AFTER-CARE following physical or physio therapy rehabilitation for continuation of movement specific work from a Restorative Yoga specialist. ENHANCE HEALING TONE for improved long-term results and REBUILD RESILIENCY for optimal organ function. 

  • To experience CUSTOM TAILORED YOGA specifically to address unique movement mechanics and range of motion needs with informed yoga options and massage therapy techniques for COMMON CONDITIONS of the SHOULDERS, HIPS AND SPINE. 

  • For GOLDEN-AGERS, customized therapeutic yoga (with or without chair support) and massage for relaxation, CONDITION MANAGEMENT and learning contemplative practices that support communication and strength of each of the body's organ systems. 

  • Application of therapeutic yoga and massage to specifically address a NERVOUS SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION relative to an EXISTING MEDICALLY-DIAGNOSED PATHOLOGY. 

  • Adjusting to everyday life with an ARTHRITIC DIAGNOSIS, and also for enjoying life with a new JOINT REPLACEMENT or other ORTHOPEDIC CHANGE or as mental and systems preparation for a procedure on the horizon.  

  • As coping, self-connection and relaxation through guided sensory movement, informed and focused on the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM, addressing symptoms of a chronic condition, chronic stress, post traumatic stress and everyday anxiety. 

  • As a complement or alternative to chiropractic care. 

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