Yoga for Athletes

The benefits of yoga for athletes have been documented through extensive research and include: improving athletic performance, preventing and reducing injuries, and enhancing mental readiness for competitive sports. My yoga for athletes program is designed especially for working with individual athletes and teams, captains, coaches, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and fitness facilities including cross-fit gyms, to customize yoga sessions that complement the specific needs of athletes at various times in their training cycle. 


  • Yoga for Strength and Conditioning focuses on a specific approach to yoga practice that develops strength and improves conditioning – especially for the core - during the base period or pre-season.

  • Yoga for Flexibility and Mobility provides tools to develop and maintain the flexibility and mobility needed to maintain peak performance during the competitive season.

  • Yoga for Recovery and Restoration offers practices that help athletes recover from intense athletic training and competition, complementing athletic intensity with practices of rest and recovery.


I work with individuals, teams and facilities in regularly scheduled sessions, in series of workshops, and in one-time special events. My work with individual athletes and teams includes practices of body awareness, breathing techniques, mental focus, balance, and visualization.

Yoga for athletes is not athletic yoga, rather, its yoga to complement the work the athlete already does in training and competition. It’s not an additional workout for an already stressed body. Instead, its a work-in. Yoga by its nature is not a performance-based process like sports are. Challenging athletes with a strenuous yoga practice during heightened training or competitions periods, is a recipe for disaster.  Most athletes will take an athlete mentality to their yoga practice, and if not corrected, will end up doing too much work, and not getting enough rest.  Athletes will benefit more from a mellow session, where they can adapt to the stress of their training and actually grow stronger.  A prime intention in my teaching philosophy is to prevent injuries that occur due to imbalance (acute & over-use), and mental burnout that comes when work and rest are imbalanced. 


Yoga for athletes, therefore, is an approach to balance. Balance of the body in space, balance between strength + flexibility, balance between work + rest, and balance of mind, body + spirit.  As your team’s yoga instructor, I will help your athletes develop fluid range of motion and strength in the places they need to be strong.  I will include time spend working in certain areas where athletes don’t spend much time, and help create balance there as well.  

Contact me today to request more information and rates on my specialized services for athletes, teams and fitness facilities. 

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