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Fascial Massage for High Functioning Abdominal Organs

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Fascial stimulation to your abdominal organs anyone?! Grab a blanket or beach towel and help yourself “process” the day ahead in a way you might not have thought too.

Spending 6 minutes now using my quick video tutorial at the bottom of this page can have payoffs later today or tonight especially if you have any digestive issues going on.

This centering, grounding and hydrating self-massage promotes improved digestion, liver function, removal of toxins from the organs and a well-balanced nervous system via diaphragmatic stimulation.

It takes a coordinated effort among the liver, stomach and diaphragm - the 3 major abdominal organ systems for lymphatic, gut health and respiratory health - all connected by the body’s internal matrix system or FASCIA. Each of these individual organs and all 3 as a team will appreciate your focus here as a regular inclusion into your health and wellness routine.

We want stimulated, mobile and well-hydrated organ systems AND optimal circulation. The condition of our fascia is highly relative to the function of what its holding in the matrix system - in this case the liver, diaphragm and stomach, including multiple pathways for nerves and veins. Plus, a healthy gut and balanced nervous system makes a mind build for efficiency and ease and a gut you can trust!

As you move through this short 6-minute practice include time to observe your energy and posture as you finish, before moving to whatever’s next in the series. That’s just as important work and helps build your interoceptive awareness - your ability to be tuned into your body. Enjoy!

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