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Energize and Feel Taller with this Simple Flow

I find a ton of benefit from this simple movement flow, even as a stand alone experience when I need to open up, lengthen and energize my body after being tied to my computer and chair for long periods of time.

The key to feeling stable throughout this sequence is by maintaining a neutral pelvic position, generally keeping the knees in line with the ankles, and, with the exception of swiveling on the feet between the poses, maintaining an imprint of the feet to the ground to help keep your core stable.

Beginning in Goddess or a straddle stance, position the arms and shoulders like a goal post or cactus, drawing the shoulder blades down the back. On an inhale lengthen the legs and arms while leaning to one side, lengthening the side body from the pelvis. Exhale and return to Goddess, keeping the feet imprinting the ground. On an inhale, lengthen and lean to the opposite side, again, reaching though the finger tips, and on exhale settling back down into Goddess with balanced weight distributed through the legs and arms, hugging the shoulder blades down. You might think of this leaning extension out of Goddess pose as the dance of the sugar plum fairy.

Here’s where you’ll get light on the feet, swiveling the right toes out a quarter turn and the left toes in a quarter turn to line up your front heel to your back arch, then press the feet down. As you slightly bend the front knee to track it over the top of the foot, extend your arms out to a T and turn your gaze over your front hand. Imprint your feet here while keeping your pelvis neutral for Warrior II.

On inhale, turn your front palm up and reach it overhead as your back arm relaxes into Reverse Warrior on exhale. Enjoy this sensation of opening the front side body.

On inhale, cartwheel the arms as you turn your left chest down to the floor and fold over your front leg which might extend a bit here. Use the energy from your feet to keep you stable here and stay folded over the front leg for an inhale and exhale. On the next inhale, imprint the feet again as you feel supported by your core to lift the torso back up into Reverse Warrior. On the next breath, swivel the feet and squat back down to Goddess. Enjoy a breath or two here.

For the second side compete the sugar plum fairy flow again and then from Goddess, turn the left foot a quarter turn out and the right foot a quarter turn in lining left heel to right arch and repeat the flow. Perform 5 times per side feeling a sense of warmth and elasticity as your progress through. After finishing in Goddess, inch worm or step your feet together and come to stand in your natural standing posture, feet hips distance apart. Close your eyes and observe warmth and the rush of vitality moving throughout the entire body.

These simple movements will provide you with a well-balanced sense of building whole body strength and flexibility while your core works all on it’s own to support the neutral position of your pelvis as you move between the poses. You might find that when you return to your seat, your sitting taller, able to reach for things easier and more aware of how your core can support your sitting posture through the positioning of your pelvis.

A blanket, towel or pillow on your seat can help lift your pelvis to feel more neutral and make sitting for longer periods, even while driving, more comfortable.

You don’t have to be a desk sitter to benefit from these movements. They are great for every body, including athletes and older adults who feel tight and tired.

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