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MINDSET: From Frazzled to Focused in Five Minutes

Energy sluggish and dull? Scattered thinking keeping you from concentrating? Stressed, anxious, or doubting your intuition? Try this brain balancing breathing technique to turn frazzle into focus, soothe your nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety.

NADI SHODHANA PRANAYAMA, or ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING is a purifying and cleansing breathing exercise that will bring a frazzled mind into a state of one-pointed focus. It harmonizes the left and right brain hemispheres, clearing the mind and enhancing concentration. Performing this exercise activates and balances the mind-body electrical systems leaving you feeling not too amped, and not too dull, but rather, just right.

Follow along as I guide you through Alternate Nostril Breathing in just 5 minutes. Practice this technique to settle and focus the mind in the morning, as a reset during the work day, and even before bed to help the nervous system relax for sleep.

Anyone with a deviated septum or nasal congestion should avoid this practice.

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