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Motivation for Movement Snacks

Hungry to move easier but don’t have much time or motivation to adopt a traditional workout regime? Or maybe you’re not sure how to work around an old injure or physical limitation safely.

Movement Snacks offer an la carte assortment of techniques that usefully get right to the point of the practitioners needs. Movement Snacks are shorter 1-2-3-4 and even 5 minutes of techniques, poses or exercises that intend to make mindful movement more of a daily habit to help offset the time we spend sedentary, sitting, or stuck in the mindset that we have to carve out an hour, 3 days a week just to feel better.

My yoga classes are chock full of movement snacks that address the postural and mechanical musculoskeletal issues common to most people at mid-life and beyond, as well as athletes enduring repetitive mechanical stress. I teach the anatomy as a means to get your mind into your body and to give meaning and purpose to the techniques. I lead you in an exploration to help you find ease through skillful language and mostly moving slow. This allows me time to educate you about what is proper function, how dysfunction happens and how to re-think your body’s needs and habits in relation to your life. You’ll learn to practice movement snacks with mindful control as well with curiosity so you can retrain the muscles and nerves to work more efficiently together.

I teach from extensive experience living in a body that’s endured multiple athletic injuries and surgeries, joint replacements and their post-operative challenges, and chronic stress as my body now transitions through mid-life, as well as from extensive study of the body. Applying both my professional training and personal passion I remain committed to offering you simplicity, customized guidance and a quiet space to practice training the mind to become more present, less reliant on external influences.

My ultimate goal is to not to provide you a false sense of ‘fixing’ but to lead you to reach a point of autonomy, ownership and appreciation of the body you have today. There is no up-selling of products that claim to offer you self-care. At its core meaning, self-care is the UNDIVIDED ATTENTION we are willing to pay TO OURSELVES ALONE, not tied to external influences or things. When you add movement snacks throughout your day, you add the ultimate self-care practice: just you, your body moving and breathing, your focus inward, feeling connected. Short bursts of mindful movement can also boost your energy, focus and productivity. When enrolled in a series with me, you may even realize improved concentration and less frustration In your daily life.

Like the movement snacks I teach in my classes, I teach yoga in short-commitment based series that also includes researched-based mediation and mindfulness techniques, that are both language-friendly and focused on the intrinsic benefits of slowing down, stepping back, and inner-listening. You’ll walk away after a short round of classes with me with a greater sense of self-appreciation for your body today, a new understanding of your chronic hot spots and a handful of learned movement snacks that, when incorporated into your daily to-do's will lead you towards an attitude of peace and greater ease as you move throughout your life. Although many of my clients attend series regularly, there is no long-term commitment when you sign up for one and you can come back to join a future series to refine, relearn, relax and gain new information.

Here’s a movement snack you can expect to learn and practice at Yoga with Joy. Without tying it to a specific musculoskeletal imbalance you might be seeking help for, it's short, stacked, slow and stable yet mobile movements like these that I customize with language and refinement depending upon what I'm teaching in the moment.

Our body is three-dimensional and when we feel dysfunction in one area, we must look all around that area and at the whole. You might especially enjoy moving through this movement snack if you sit often, feel you need better standing balance, or just want to loosen up around the hips and shoulders.

Move more often! Come back to this free video daily for one week and see how things change, not only in the moment, but with the awareness you've gained for future moments!

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