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Moving Smarter with Joy

When you find your true calling you will never ever dread showing up on the regular to do the work involved. In yoga philosophy this is called living your Dharma. I feel like I am living mine 1000%.

Last fall I signed up for a summer educational training on applied anatomy and yoga that would be co-presented by one of my teachers from the Carolina Yoga Company. As someone with a lot of experience with injuries and limitations in the body, studying anatomy is paramount to me.

I was thrilled to be able to return to Carrboro, North Carolina to expand my knowledge of the human body, see my teachers, take a few other classes at the new studio space they opened last fall, eat the pizza, enjoy the screened in porch at the peaceful tiny house I rent nearby and, of course, hit the beach. No surprise, the trip was cancelled as they moved the training to an online platform. Rather than sulk in the disappointment of a cancelled trip I decided to focus on a different perspective - because there will be future opportunities to travel to Carrboro and I’m sure that pizza will still be there.

The cancelled in-person training has given me the ability to welcome my regionally distant teachers into MY studio in Pennsylvania, which for me, is the icing on the cake for all that this room has taught me since I first opened it’s doors almost 2 years ago.

This training, Applied Anatomy: The Nuts, the Bolts and the Big Picture, is a team effort by one of my teachers, Jenni (pronounced Yen-knee) Tarma, who manages Carolina Yoga Company’s 3 studios, and Jenni Rawlings, both experts in yoga anatomy, biomechanics and movement science. They are both total yoga nerds and students of Jules Mitchell- an international expert in yoga biomechanics. Although we have three more “sessions” remaining, today we had the opportunity for a live and lighthearted Q + A session that yielded a bonus hour of tremendously valuable and fascinating information on the human body and movement - which I’m now happily dissecting in order to gain the most comprehension from the course.

I too am a total yoga geek and could never possibly allow myself to become complacent with how I teach yoga to my clients. I cannot wait to share this new knowledge with you when

we meet in the new studio - but for now, for those practicing with me online - we are headed “there” this week!

I’m so grateful to my teacher Sage Rountree for her expert knowledge and guidance as I continue to study with her and for bringing amazing educators like Jenni and Jenni together for a totally game-changing course.

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