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Right Now is Everything

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Our routines have the potential to ground us or the more unsettled feeling of being pulled in different directions simultaneously. A small shift in our routine can recalibrate us and set us on the path forward and realize positive changes. A small shift can yield a big impact, if you know where to look. Shifts of any magnitude don't happen if we continue to live on autopilot in our habits, decisions and actions or push things off until 'tomorrow'. We need to pay attention to our thoughts and the small choices we make each and every day. Right now is everything.


If you find yourself feeling unwell, or settling for just getting by or finding that your well-being could be better, much better in fact, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you find yourself asking yourself if getting by is good enough, there is an urgency in this moment RIGHT NOW, to elevate our well-being and regain that which was lost as we made that major shift because of the pandemic. There is also an urgency to harness the potential that was always there waiting to be cultivated, even prior to 2020, but maybe we're afraid we don't know how to access that potential.

I can help you discover how to approach your body with curiosity rather than fear. Awareness and education are powerful tools for revealing our capacity to live well and harness the potential in both body and mind. From there, we can not only heal, but transcend our challenges and pursue growth, tapping into what it fully means to be well.

Yoga, one of the oldest and most systematic methods for producing more optimal experiences for our body and mind, is an effective supplement to western medicine in achieving optimal and individualized well-being. It can serve as a powerful vehicle to help you regain a sense of ownership over your entire mind-body experience. Social scientist have identified AWARENESS, INSIGHT, CONNECTION & PURPOSE as 4 areas that build resiliency and bring mental and emotional balance. These are 4 hallmarks to each and every yoga practice I design to teach my students.

Upcoming between the major holidays there will be a few opportunities to try one or two yoga classes with me. I teach a diversified movement practice focused on your whole-being, not specific to any one style of yoga or set of sequenced poses. IT'S A GREAT PRACTICE THAT ALLOWS BEGINNERS TO FEEL CAPABLE AND CARED FOR. These practices have been taught to me by those with a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and the integration of modern science and research with traditional yoga practices. The practices and information I teach is intended to enhance the therapeutic effects of yoga, harnessing the potential of both your nervous system and musculoskeletal system to work more efficiently, promoting sustainability and longevity.

I offer a safe, supportive and quiet space to explore the discomfort of change, commitment, and uncertainty that often arise when we look to make shifts in our life. I can help you get started, safely and compassionately get you into your body - the command center for your well-being - and offer you a reason to curiously look around and stay a while.

Trust me, I get it. You're waiting for the New Year. New Year's is adorable. BUT if I sound like I would be a great fit for you as a yoga teacher, by New Year's it could be too late to register for classes beginning in January. Please reach out to me NOW with an email and introduce yourself. Don't think about doing it tomorrow. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now.

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