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Testing the Limits of Standing Balance

Marry strength with stability and as you test the limits of your balance and focus with this short Standing Balance Salutation.

Hold each posture 2 full breath cycles. Initiate each posture on an inhalation to move from a place of freedom and length, traveling to next posture on an exhalation to move into that space.

Key concepts of Rooting (Feet, Sacrum, Scapulas) + Rising/Reaching, Core Integration, Elongation of the Spine, and Focus will serve you well here.

Begin first side in Equal Standing/Mountain

Uttanasana or Standing Forward Fold

Ragdoll Arms

1/2 Lift Hand to Shins

Forward Fold

Utktanasana or Chair

Upward Salute Standing Side Bend R + L

Right Leg Standing Crane, Arms Overhead

Warrior III, press palms into Anjali Mudra (prayer hands) at heart

Standing Crane, Arms Overhead

Revolved Crane, Arms OutstretchedParallel

Standing Crane

End first side in Equal Standing

Repeat on the second side; replace Ragdoll Arms by reaching for opposite elbows behind the knees and root down with your left leg, lifting the right for Crane, Warrior III + Revolved Crane.

In just a few minutes, build stamina, steadiness and focus, lengthen and open all components of the spine, lengthen the tissues and strengthen the muscles around the ankles and knees (shins, Achilles, gastrocnemius/calf, hamstrings and quads), hips, and core.

For extra challenge complete two full rounds on each side. Finish by standing in reverence for a few moments of mindful observation of how you feel✨🌀🙌🏻

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