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The Rhythm of Self-Care & Yoga

Everything is hard before it is easy. Including getting into a rhythm of scheduled self-care.

Yoga is a great way to develop better rhythm - or, flow, in life. The physical practice of yoga translates to an enjoyable difference in yes, physical posture, alignment, balance and strength, but your inner-gauge and systems feel recalibrated, and something in your life shifts - you’re able to filter and focus. That “something” is personal and individual to each practitioner. But it takes regular, dedicated practice to be recognized.

Whenever you hope to create something new, there will be some effort involved. You must consciously create the foundation you hope to build on. When you undertake a yoga practice it cannot be perfected overnight. You must wholeheartedly commit over time and believe in what you’re doing, where your efforts will have greater impact to get lasting and satisfying results. Joy in the satisfaction of the effort, without it, you may be prone to burnout or, to abandoning your commitment altogether.

Put in the practice. Feel impacted.

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