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Ultimate Self-Care: The stillness and sensory experience of Restorative Yoga + Meditation

In the age of movement, nothing is more critical than stillness. Because we already to some degree understand that overdoing leads to feelings of burnout and dysfunction in the body, we can tend to appreciate then that REST IS VITAL FOR PRODUCTIVITY.

Our ability to relax deeply depends on us feeling safe and supported in the right space and the right conditions. A return back to rest happening alongside even the simplest mindfulness practices as this class offers, can leave you with a sense of peace for having done something terrific for your body WITHOUT NEEDING TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOGA.

RELEARN OR GET ACQUAINTED WITH THE ART OF RELAXATION WHILE DEVELOPING THE ABILITY TO SELF-SOOTHE in my upcoming my nervous system centered offering Restorative Yoga with Joy 5 Class Series.

In a restorative yoga practice, the focus is not on stretching or strengthening but on supportive releasing by connecting to vulnerability in our body. We release tension in the muscles and gently stimulate the organs developing patience in longer held poses designed to stimulate sensory receptors and support and comfort. We release tension the mind through skillful watching, and Pranayama (breath awareness) using the breath to anchor the mind more on the experience in the body and less on outside circumstances. To achieve comfort and experience feedback, a variety of props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, sandbags, myofascial therapy balls, and eye pillows may be used. Restorative Yoga enhances our healing capacity through helping us regulate the stress response, re-balance the nervous system and effect positive change at the cellular level. 

This style of practice supports optimal nervous system functioning by strengthening our connection with the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) - branch of our Autonomic Nervous System that controls involuntary functions in the body like our heart rate. When we are in states of stress, or what is often termed “fight or flight,” we are in an elevated Sympathetic state. In contrast, during periods of rest and recovery, we are in an elevated Parasympathetic state.

☯️ IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE CAN ACCESS BOTH OF THESE STATES. A certain level of stress can be healthy and can accompany incredibly generative tasks like applying for a new job, competing or training, or talking in front of a large audience. However, when stress becomes chronic we start to experience imbalance in our body that can adversely affect our overall health with a range of problems like but not limited to: poor digestion, fatigue and burn-out, hormonal imbalances, fertility dysfunction, or disrupted sleep.

🌀RESTORATIVE YOGA CAN HELP US STRENGTHEN OUR ABILITY TO MOVE BETWEEN STATES OF STRESS AND REST WITH MORE EASE. By helping us learn to relax, restorative yoga can also reduce the production of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), improve the function of our immune system, reduce muscle tension, help with insomnia, and so many other vital benefits.

Complementary to the relaxed nature of Restorative Yoga and its central role in influencing the PNS, MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY (MFR) gives an intimate way to connect to and positively influence our neuromuscular system. This series incorporates MFR as a means for helping you experience greater sensory information, gain awareness around and help effect change both in over-worked and under-performing tissues in chronic hot spot areas specific to low back and neck pain, forward head and shoulders, hips and hamstrings, feet and lower limbs, the spine and posture.

What is this 5 class series like? You'll be guided over 5, 75 minute floor-based sessions to drop fully into awareness of yourself, experiencing the gradual release of heavy tension and stress from the physical and emotional body. Using props like bolsters, blankets, blocks, bands, and myofasical therapy balls, your body will be positioned and supported in a number of deeply relaxing positions that target tension and stiffness in the upper back, middle and lower back, around the hips, along the side-body, and within the abdominal organs and the nervous system.

While each class is supported by a number of short guided meditations to help keep you focused on your inner-awareness and relaxation, this series also includes longer Yoga Nidra inspired experiences. During Yoga Nidra you practice being in a meditative state where the mind becomes fully absorbed in the present moment, withdrawing you from the desire for action or reaction. Yoga Nidra is a scientifically proven practice that helps to increase the amount and circulation of dopamine in the brain - a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a rile in how we experience pleasure. A regular Yoga Nidra practice can help decrease negative affects of anxiety, stress, fear, worry and sadness, and restore positive affects to our nervous tissue such as calm, joy, connection and bliss. It only involves, laying on the ground in nourishing and supportive position while listening to the sound of my voice keeping you in the present moment. This Restorative Yoga series will give you a glimpse into the complementary but separate practice of Yoga Nidra and it’s short and long term benefits.

No yoga experience, certain level of fitness or flexibility required. This series is a sweet entry point into trying yoga for the first time!

The 5 class series will positively enhance your life in the short-term. Pick from two 5 week series happening in succession this Fall. Some props will be required by the participants. COVID safety measures remain in place.

5 Classes | 75 min each | 5 Week Commitment

Select a Time with Registration Required for Each Round

ROUND 1: Sunday's @ 4 pm Sept. 12, 19, 26 Oct. 3 + 10

ROUND 2: Sunday's @ 4 pm Oct. 17, 24, 31 Nov. 7 + 14 Click here today to register and assure yourself a short round of healing self-care experiences!

What you’ll need to bring with you to each class …

Yoga mat (not thicker than 4 mm), thick yoga blanket, yoga bolster, eye pillow. A desire to want to tune into yourself and allow others the space and quiet to do the same.

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