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What begins here, spreads.

What begins in a yoga practice can spread to other areas of life.

Each and every yoga class I design is intended to leave you with feel-good effects extending beyond your time moving through the poses. Thoughtfully organized and well-sequenced practices help you reach below the surface of your skin, muscles and bones, where a shift in our mindset can begin to develop.

I have always and will continue to offer practical meditation tools to train your mind so that it can be more adept at states of calm and focus and fine-tune perception. Intentional mental training through mindfulness practices is linked to greater emotional balance, and has larger impact like improved quality relationships and work performance. Centering, working with breath, tuning into sensation, minding our thoughts, leaning into our emotions and holding them without a story, focusing with meditation, and learning how to relax tension are aspects of yoga that are also 'active ingredients' in successful treatments for depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and stress.

My aim is to support and hold space for your optimal experience - something that we can make happen through mutual commitment. For each person, there are thousands of opportunities and challenges in life to expand ourselves. In the long run, optimal experiences add up to a sense of participation in determining the content of life - that comes as close to what is usually meant by happiness as anything else we can conceivably imagine. It's not a matter of just walking around being happy everyday. So if anyone is sharing that unrealistic plan with you, please understand that you don't have to buy their bill of goods. If we are truly paying attention, looking closely at ourselves and how we are living in the world, what we should be finding is that life seems to be 50/50 - 50% of the time things working out as we had hoped, and 50% of the time, they don't. The joy in life doesn't actually come from filling the void of 50% of the time us not getting our way by doubling up on more opportunities for things to work out in our favor. NO, the joy in life comes form learning to trust everything is always working out in our best interests, even when things DON'T work out the way we intended them to. How comfortable we can become with this 50/50 mindset will determine our authenticity and our results in the world, including the results we feel as a direct result of the action we take on our inner well-being.

Yoga and it's associated practices are powerful vehicles for elevating our well-being. In my upcoming round of short series classes for the new year, I will be focusing the content of my teaching on creating MORE FOR OURSELVES so we can in turn offer MORE AWARENESS for our families, relationships and communities. A means for piecing ourselves back together into something that feels more whole after a long, disjointed and un-well period of pandemic living, these yoga classes will help you learn to let go, enjoy doing less, become more aware and give your body and mind space to breathe and heal.

If you are dealing with any or many of the following, or maybe even something not listed here, my teachings are aimed at helping you regain a sense of equanimity:

COVID Fatigue


Accumulating tension, anxiety, traumatic stress

Negative Thinking

Lack of Concentration

Fear of missing out

Fear of disappointing others Fear of stepping away from the crowd Fear of not being enough Burnout Exhaustion Lack of Confidence or Courage Lack of Flexibility or Mobility Disconnected Mind & Body Over-active thinking Musculoskeletal imbalances Respiratory Weakness Poor Postural Tendencies Over-stimulation

Reach out to me today to discuss if you ready to make a small commitment to feel relaxed and recalibrated. Check out this page for more details on how to try an upcoming single class in my personal studio on the Scranton/Carbondale Highway in Mayfield, PA, 3 minutes from the Casey Highway's Carbondale/Meredith Street exit.

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