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Why You Should try Yoga with Joy

Are you totally bored of your regular stretching routine? A friend has mentioned you try yoga to which you scoff at the picture that instantly pops into your brain. Or, maybe you've said more than a few a times that you should go to yoga. And then somehow convinced yourself that you didn't have time for it.

If you’re committed to staying active, no matter current age or level of wear and tear on your body, incorporating yoga as part of your wellness plan is just about the best decision you can decide for yourself. The decision to take yourself to a class and enjoy it - holds great potential in continual payoffs on your health and overall well-being. Or, it can lead you to never take a second class. That's why - for someone just getting started - finding the right class or even teacher is key to truly realizing yoga's lasting benefits.

We all can stand to feel a little better. Yoga practiced consistently or, scheduled yoga, even if it’s one weekly studio class coupled with infusing what you’re learning into your daily activities, will totally elevate you - mind, body and spirit. You will feel different. And, both better enough to begin to find connection to yoga's benefits, and to maintain higher standards for your own personal wellness. You may even find yourself convincing a struggling friend to try. Tell me, who doesn’t truly want to feel better?

Yoga practiced consistently will give you an expansive toolbox of exercises, positions and postures, that will begin to enhance both your mood and your favorite daily activities. Yoga has the power to allow even its beginner students fresh ways to move the body progressively through its intended range of motions.

At Yoga with Joy the whole-body movements are simple, yet each available with layers of challenge when the student is ready. I teach you to explore the internal nature of the poses - how they feel and heal and not how they look. My teaching philosophy, like my classes, is simple - less is more. Our lives are inherently lived at the speed of light - with what often feels like monumental stress in both body and mind.

All of my classes cover material meant to teach you to embrace your body and mind's resiliency to heal and provide support. A consistent and diverse practice that develops total body and mind strength, balance and endurance. Offering the perfect balance of effort and ease. Work and rest. And just the right breath to thoughtfully handle it all!

If you are someone that has been thinking about “going to yoga”, I invite you to give yourself an experience in my new studio along the Scranton/Carbondale Highway in Mayfield. Here are a few reasons why you might take yourself to one of my classes.

I chose the space for the intimate setting to allow me to offer each student the highest level of personal attention. I like to say my studio is small, soft and serene - infused with intentional soundscapes that encourage the mind to relax so that the heart and body can follow. My floors are firm, but padded, to alleviate pressure during kneeling postures.

There is no competition within the space - every one of my students benefit from instruction tailored for all abilities - with the foundational principles of the practice always present.

I won’t mislead you that all of my classes are ideal for beginner students. If you’re someone brand new to yoga, I am determined to provide you with the best experience possible - desiring a second class. I will place you in the best class for your current ability. You will have room to grow into more advanced classes as you become more confident and understanding your alignment in the poses over time. My classes are relaxed, less vigor, more attention to detail.

I feel your aches and pains. I’m recently recovered from two separate total knee replacements. Maintenance and longevity of them is important to me. I struggle physically with weather unpredictability and like to help my students to dwell less and feel powerful over their individual mind and body’s responses to aging bones and stiff joints.

I regularly incorporate many supportive props to make poses simpler and sometimes more challenging - but mostly so my students know that using props is not a sign of weakness but of personal strength. They also decrease the distance between our tight bodies and the floor.

So, if you are someone that has always wanted to “go to yoga”, give yourself the experience of a Yoga with Joy class. During which you will be encouraged, guided and allowed to stop, and find your center, in which to better keep up with and live a more joyful life. I'm grateful if you've read this far, indeed this is the studio specially for you!

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