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Simple Movement that Eases Back Tension

Low back pain and discomfort is often a reason preventing many people from experiencing the benefits of a regular, simple yoga practice. Particularly along our spine, pain and achyness is complex, and it says that our nervous system doesn’t have a lot of confidence in how we hold our posture and move around.

By only repeating our habitual movements and not putting our joints through their fullest capacity daily, the tissues surrounding these joints weaken and our joints tend to forget how to function in other positions. We need to fill the gap with other movement variety and it doesn’t need to be complicated or look fancy to be really effective.

If your hoping to loosen the tightness in your back and feel more flexible around your spine and hips try regularly incorporating these 3 simple fine tune-up exercises designed to create improved freedom, strength and mobility along the spine, throughout the entire soft-tissue structure of the back - known as the Thoroculumbar Fascia - and around the hips.

Back Scrub Sacral Rocking Spinal Erector Myofascial Release

The only equipment you’ll need is a yoga mat or a blanket or towel for a harder surfaced floor and a pair of myofascial therapy balls, or tennis balls.

The feedback I’ve received by incorporating these exercises regularly into my classes over the past 3 weeks are that my clients feel taller and more confident in their posture, are noticing a greater sense of freedom in mobility and are experiencing breathing that feels consistently effortless and full.

These exercises are also beneficial as a preventative measure for keeping your back healthy and spine mobile. And so I hope everyone considers incorporating them as part of their regular exercise routine

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