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Lessons in Letting Go

I know that many of you are exited to get back studio classes. We sometimes lose sight of how much whole-body benefit our yoga practice brings into our lives until it’s no longer available to us in the same way.

Although Lackawanna County will turn green on June 26, giving me the the go ahead to resume studio classes, green does not mean “gone”. During this time away, I have and continue to consider everyone of my client’s best interests - mine included - regarding when studio classes can comfortably and safely resume.

These considerations have led me to the decision to relocate Yoga with Joy to a larger studio space, in a neighboring plaza.

I’m literally in knots over leaving this peaceful space that has provided tranquility for my soul and a space to passionately teach what I love, and, as I’ve witnessed, calm, connection, empowerment and growth to so many of you. Yet, as someone who loves to learn about transformation and development in life and in business, the feeling of going all in on myself, again, is the exact feeling that yields growth. These words I shared with my clients yesterday in my newsletter announcement - POTENTIAL, ADAPTATION, RESILIENCE + GROWTH - have taught me the empowerment from going all in, regardless of failure or success, again, and again.

This relocation process however means that studio classes will continue to be on pause until late summer while I transform the space into our next home.

The decision to let go of this first room required consideration of many things, yet ultimately having some more space to accommodate for phy

sical distancing of mats will allow me to retain similar class sizes going forward and help everyone to feel comfortable and safe when we do gather again. A slightly larger space also helps me to accommodate for growth in my business which is something I’ve been working on through these months at home.

When appropriate, I will communicate and help you grow into a plan that allows everyone to feel comfortable in a mindful group setting practicing yoga again.

I wholeheartedly believe that the practice of yoga sweetens the deal of anything else you might be doing to help yourself feel better. It also serves as a tremendously impactful standalone wellness practice.


The essence of the first space will not be lost in our new home - it will simply expand. There will be some subtle changes to help each of you maximize your precious time in my care. We all have difficult emotions that need processing and internal healing and transformation to tend to within ourselves and I plan to emphasize this especially so when studio classes resume in our new home in the very neighboring WSK Plaza in Mayfield.

Over the summer I’ll be sharing both updates from our new space as I create it and highlight the time spent in our first space in the Color Essence Salon Plaza - a home I wasn’t anticipating letting go of so soon. I think the picture says a lot about the pure joy this first space has brought to me and I know to many of you!

Thank you for being patient, encouraging and understanding in all ways! I can’t wait to welcome you back later this summer!

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