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New to yoga? Discover a happy entry point at Yoga with Joy

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Finding the right for you entry point to beginning yoga can be confusing and a bit intimidating. Making sure to quickly ease nervous feelings, in an initial conversation before trying classes with me and during classes with me, is my top priority when working with people new to yoga.

I am able to quickly ease new practitioners hesitations because the focus of MY INSTRUCTION IS NOT TIED TO anyone’s perceived level of yoga ability, association to any certain lifestyle, length of experience with practicing yoga or ability to maneuver into aesthetic physical representations of poses. You'll feel accomplished and in the know without needing to have a background in the language of yoga.

I focus teaching yoga in way that’s DIGESTIBLE, STRAIGHT-FORWARD and EASY TO COMPREHEND, designed to put you back in touch with all that is capable with your body and mind, in the SIMPLEST WAYS POSSIBLE. Yoga with Joy is yoga movement purposely created to be THE ANTIDOTE for the demand, pace and complexity of our modern lives and to help reverse the negative effects of living our lifestyles that focus on distraction over presence.

MY GOAL IS TO TEACH YOU SOMETHING NEW ABOUT YOUR BODY EVERY TIME WE MEET. Because that is the pathway to being able to affect change on the nervous system level.

My relentless study of anatomy and it’s application to yoga as well as yoga therapeutics form the keystone of my ability to help my clients reclaim control of their body, retrain their mind and see the results as they apply what they learn in my classes to their movement and endurance within everyday life.

My classes offer time gaining a greater understanding about the structure we spend the most time with - our own body - so that our physical and mental awareness in life off the mat offers a steady presence as we navigate injuries, aging, pain, circumstances, change and growth. Yoga with Joy will make your lifestyle a happier pursuit!

The unique format for MY CLASSES ARE IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS NEW TO YOGA because they happen in short commitment-based series, where everyone is a beginner to the material I will teach over the course of the series.

I have found that to see results with anything, making a short commitment offers the opportunity to settle in, take a closer lens to certain weaknesses and offer time to rebuild a more balanced system. An added highlight of working with me is that I love to include and help you fine-tune short sequences or “movement snacks” defined with purpose within my classes. As you find one your body really responds to, you can add a “little bit of yoga” into your days outside of class, and not have to wait for your next class session in order to feel better. I often create and post yoga content online directly related to what I’m currently teaching in my classes, including these short-sequences, giving you yet another way to make the most of your practice with me. One place to start to explore my teaching if you haven’t yet is on my Blog.

Because of the relaxed, therapeutic feel to my classes, you’ll soon be so focused on your own body and my insightful instruction as I’m teaching you, that you won’t even realize you’re only a “beginner.”

I wholeheartedly love to teach those a little timid about trying yoga and give them an experience that helps them to honor the commitment they are making by not giving up, and one that connects them to their body’s potential in such a way that helps them take back control of their everyday experiences.


Many other yoga classes include a lot of filler across many disciplines associated with yoga to make the yoga seem more effective. But it’s not really more bang for your buck. The more external things we add into our movement experience, the less in-tuned we are to the deeper subtle areas we are trying to wake-up.


If you’re new to yoga, Yoga with Joy offers a satisfying and simple place to begin. Or begin again. Try an 8 class small group in-person series of classes this spring. My signature studio series "Yoga with Joy" is for anyone brand new to yoga, for anyone returning to their practice after some time away and for those with more experience who prefer to keep things relaxed and simple. Beginner's fit right in without feeling lost, embarrassed or lacking in any way. All, including the more experienced stay challenged. This carefully curated 8 class program is tailored to help you and your internal systems rebuild a sense of "normalcy" following a year of pandemic living. These classes will give you simple but effective ways to even the score against your body so you can begin to create a physical and mental environment even better than your pre-pandemic self. For more details and to register click here.

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