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MINDSET: Begin Your Day Already Enough

Worry is the brains way of having something to do. That’s why it’s so easy to remain stuck in thought loops and indecision, and remain uncomfortable with change and difficult emotions. Worry is your brain’s sneaky way of having power over you instead you having power over your brain.

Worry creates a whole lot of self-suffering. But it’s not the only way we suffer. We also suffer because of our SCARCITY MINDSET OR, our NEVER ENOUGH PROBLEM.

We might stop, and think about how much time we spend calculating how much we have, or don’t have and want and need and how much everyone else has, wants and needs. Scarcity thrives in our culture because everyone is HYPERAWARE OF LACK.

We score our reality against our own fictional account of how great someone else has it.

Although our comparisons to other people are indeed a mindset problem, so are our self-judgements. Before our feet even hit the floor first thing in the morning we are already carrying that engrained scarcity mindset forward. “I didn’t get “enough” sleep.” “I don’t have “enough” time to get ready.” Before we even begin the day we are already worried about being behind, we are already inadequate, and already losing. Then, when the day ends, our minds are spilling over with thoughts about what we didn’t get done. We go to sleep burdened by those thoughts and wake up already tied down with the feeling of lack.



To help you gain awareness of your scarcity mindset, check in with yourself tomorrow morning and see if you notice if your beginning your day from a position of lack or suffering from feelings of not being enough. Then, check back in again before sleep and see if you’re noticing self-harming language or thoughts of lack. You might tune in deeper to your morning and bedtime mindset for the remaining days this week and observe any patterns and start to draw some conclusions about your own ‘never enough problem.’

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