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                    I'M JOY

I teach detailed yoga simply, to adults wanting to become informed and benefited by a routine yoga wellness practice, and I help them feel more capable in doing so. 

Rather than teach a stylized approach to yoga, I help adults try yoga on for size, encouraging them to build and deepen personal relationships with their nervous system, movement skills, yoga poses, positions, props and traditional Eastern wisdom as a guide for modern circumstances. 

I am an educator and my teaching informs insight about the body’s systems and awakens curiosity. In my classes I teach movement options, empowering students to lose the exhausting yearning to impress or be perfect. I'm a yoga student and teacher with noticeable movement limitations, so Yoga with Joy is medicinal by intention - my students become well-armed with tools that are easy to self-apply for symptom management. Teaching skills for relaxation and improving mindset, I empower students to apply the insight learned from my classes to self-nurture and teach themselves how to reach restorative states through routine self-care.

Part of our health involves an innate ability to sense and believe our body is capable of being resilient.  I guide students by offering proven solutions to improve body facility, mental strength and emotional regulation, essential ingredients for resilient long-term wellness outcomes. Ultimately, for the student, the development of a personal, self-led lifetime yoga practice becomes the optimal goal - namely in the self-accountability to be routinely present for even just 1 or 2 daily contemplative practices, outside of taking teacher-led classes.

On a seasonal basis, I teach small group yoga classes and deliver customized private professional services in therapeutic yoga and massage therapy at my wellness space aptly named Yoga with Joy, located at 502 Scranton Carbondale Highway in Mayfield, Pa.

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502 Route 6, Scranton/Carbondale Highway, Mayfield, PA 18433


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Yoga Alliance 200 E-RYT, YACEP | Licensed Massage Therapist (PA)
BS Education | MS Sport Management | 670 Hour Massage Therapy Certification

Combining 28 years of teaching and athletic experience with 23 years as a student of yoga I've prepared and led over 1,200 hours teaching high-quality yoga, simply, to adults, including athletes, beginners, care-givers and golden-agers desiring solution-focused knowledge for promotive and preventive health. 


(2018) Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. Comprehensive immersion under Sage Rountree, Author, Endurance Sports Coach & internationally recognized authority in Yoga for Athletes. Included training with Jenni Tarma (Yoga Medicine), Carol Krucoff (Duke Integrative Medicine), and Michael Johnson (Asheville Yoga Center).

(2020) Advanced training in Applied Anatomy. Studied and trained under internationally recognized yoga and movement-science teachers Jenni Tarma and Jenni Rawlings. Foundational anatomy concepts supported by a closer look at the spine, sacroiliac joint, hips, shoulders, the nervous system and pain science and their application to yoga and movement.


Currently enrolled in the globally-recognized 500 Hour Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist teacher training with comprehensive trainings led by world-renowned yoga teacher trainers Tiffany Cruikshank, Rachel Land, Jenni Tarma, Amy Sedgwick, MD, Eding Mvilongo, MD, and Ann Bortz, PSY.D. 

(2020) Yoga Medicine Innovation Conference. Completed 20 hours comprised of current scientific research on: Fibromyalgia, Cancer Survivorship, Interoceptive Awareness, Optimizing Human Performance, Athlete Workload, Neuroimaging, Somatics, Post-Traumatic Growth, Gut Microbiome, Energy + Intuitive Management, Thoracolumbar Fascia, & Teaching Yoga to Older Adults.

(2021) Completed a 55 hour othorpedic module, The Spine: Anatomy, Dysfunction & Therapeutic Application. 

(2021) Completed a 55 hour orthopedic module, The Hip: Anatomy, Dysfunction & Therapeutic Application.

(2021) Completed a 55 hour orthopedic module, The Shoulder: Anatomy, Dysfunction & Therapeutic Application. 

(2022) Completed a 55 hour module, Internal Medicine 1: The Nervous System & Restorative Yoga.

(2022) Currently enrolled, 20 hour module, Mindful, Trauma-Informed Yoga: The Triune Brain and Trauma. 


(2020) Specialized and expertise Yoga for Athletes certification under Sage Rountree focusing on overhead athletes and repetitive movement of the shoulders. Completed 30 hours of curriculum and application from athletic recovery, the athlete training cycle, common athletic injuries, philosophy, psychology, physiology and pedagogy for designing highly effective sports-specific recovery classes.


(2020) Studied with Yoga Detour founder Cecily Milné in an interactive course focused on building and moving more efficiently through a stable and balanced Sun Salutation and the anatomy and biomechanics involved.