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You've just found a yoga teacher committed to helping people Create + Maintain New Healthy Habits focused on Simple + Sustainable Yoga. If you are ready to Move More Efficiently, Relax More Noticeably, gain Control Over and Ease Aches + Pains and Maintain Longevity for Active Living, then I'm so glad you're here! Have a look around and reach out to me if you are interested in ditching your aches + pains and ready to start practicing new healthy habits under my considerate care!

Yoga with Joy is uncomplicated yoga for every day people and athletically-minded adults. I teach a sustainable approach to yoga supporting the health of your joints, muscles, tissues and internal systems matched with simple mindfulness and breathing practices to help you relax, rejuvenate and feel more resilient to the variety of stressors placed on your nervous system. My classes offer a therapeutic feel your body will love, trust and fit your needs, especially if: 

* You're dealing with a nagging injury and you want your yoga practice to help it, not hurt It. 

* Your shoulders and hips are chronically tight even though you stretch and are physically active. 

* You're living with or preparing for an orthopedic change like a joint replacement, and want a teacher who understands what living with a physical limitation is like. 

* You're new to yoga or beginner level wanting to take classes with simple language at a slower pace, and focus on moving with a purpose, not perfection.   

* You're an athlete looking to enhance your intense training with time focused on bringing the body back into balance. You're curious about active-recovery yoga as a method to help you unwind and relax, feel a deeper connection to your body and your identity as an athlete, to help diminish adhesions and dryness to muscle, fascial and connective tissue, and as a way to build better focus, awareness and confidence. 

* You prefer to focus on strength, stability and mobility over aesthetics that demand flexibility you don't have.

* You prefer an approach to yoga rooted in both science and current research infused with ancient yoga wisdom that is communicated with clarity and simplicity in an environment inspired by inquiry over certitude.

* You're looking for a complement for or alternative to Chiropractic adjustments, to differently address mild to moderate back pain and changes to your spine. 

* You're fully committed to your current wellness routine - whether it be chiropractic, physical therapy, athletic fitness and performance training, massage therapy or Traditional Chinese Medicine and are ready to add a complementary movement and mindfulness practice to your routine. 

* You're ready to make small commitments over a few weeks at a time to experience the most benefit from my considerate and customized instruction and to give your systems a chance to adapt to the new movements you learn and practice.

* You want to feel totally comfortable practicing in a small group so you can immerse yourself fully into the experience without worry about being good enough at yoga or competing to reach more advanced poses.

* You are more experienced and enjoy a regular yoga diet of stronger Vinyasa and/or fitness-based and heated yoga but you want to rebuild your tissue resilience, explore training in different ranges of motion and strengthen and balance the body's stabilization capacity so you can return to your more vigorous practice pain-free. 

* You can recognize how dynamic + functional movement infused with therapeutic, relaxation and mindfulness techniques can complement and even extend your existing athletic pursuits as you age. 



Chances are you've found me because you're curious about how yoga can support old nagging injuries or conditions and help you deal with chronic tightness and tension. No matter which of my services you utilize, props will play a central role, to help create more ease in the body; to help moving around on the floor easier; to give added challenge specific to a movement or posture's purpose; and as a means for obtaining feedback for our nervous system in order to affect change in the body. At my practice studio you'll see my commitment to supporting your therapeutic needs right down to the supportive padded flooring.



At age 39 I underwent my first total knee replacement. My second one followed at 41. Both brought me to my edge - the first, to a real low, the second, rising in redemption and facing the life-changing situation with determination and focus. Now, at 45, everyday requires me to be realistic about my new range of motion limitations and how my new prothesis' are adapting to my body and life as a movement teacher. I believe yoga is an incredible practice to help anyone prepare for, endure, recover and maintain a joint replacement. As your yoga teacher, I help impart my real-life experience of having lived through the surgeries, grueling physical rehabilitations and adaptation periods while both you and your body get used to living with a new prosthetic joint. I can teach you to make peace with your changed range of motion, coach you to maintain it and not lose it, and push you to create more desirable physical and mental conditions for adjusting to the stages you'll progress though along your journey. One of the bravest things you'll do is to decide to take control of your limits and not be defined by them!

Contact me today to find out why Yoga with Joy can complement and aid your joint replacement experience.



One of the hardest things we can ever do for ourselves is to either try something we have never done or give something new a second chance after our perceived first attempt failure.  If you have tried yoga before and left frustrated OR have not tired yoga due to your perceived or actual limitations, perhaps you just haven't found the right-for-you class with the right-for-you teacher! Here is why you might consider giving yourself another opportunity for a new healthy habit to stick by trying Yoga with Joy ...


The people I am best able to help reach their wellness and movement goals include:

  • Adult athletes with old nagging injuries desiring a pain-free yoga experience

  • Active athletes curious about yoga as a whole-body recovery tool from training

  • Anyone who doesn't consider themselves an athlete but is desiring to maintain or increase stability, mobility and longevity and help with relaxation to keep up with kid's or grandkid's activities, active hobbies, to travel pain-free, create better postural habits, cope better with stress, and life's demands and challenges, and even enjoy improved relationships

  • Those who rely on physicality for work and often experience tension and stiffness, discomfort and even pain at the start, during or at the end of a work day, particularly around the hips, spine and shoulders

  • Anyone living with arthritis, a joint replacement or other orthopedic change (or with one the horizon) or medical condition 


I believe COMMITMENT + CONSISTENCY are keys to creating lasting change any time we are ready to start anything new. I carry this philosophy into how I operate my business and in seeking the most determined clients to work with. 

  • 100% of my time is client-focused and this includes the time I put into staying tuned into the latest yoga research. I'm fortunate that my time is not taken up by managing other teachers and schedules, selling products, or trying to populate larger classes with many different options to suit many different tastes. Larger yoga studios like this are great, this just isn't one of them.  

  • My in-person classes operate by you signing up to make a small commitment a few weeks at a time, whenever you need throughout the year. I believe this is the best model to effect real change and help create meaningful new habits and keep them fresh. This model also allows us both time to adapt and grow, for you as my client and me as your teacher into a trusting relationship.  By the time you have registered for a class, you have likely done some research on this website or my social media about the style of yoga I teach and the information I like to share; or have heard good things from one of my current client's; or have spoken to me directly. By signing up you understand that these classes are not fast-paced, fitness based, sweaty yoga experiences (not that there's anything wrong with that once in while for certain body types!) 

  • I offer classes in series, a few weeks at a time, usually around 6 class weeks at a time, sometimes 7, depending on the current calendar.  This model helps me to design, customize, deliver and receive quality feedback (from you), by knowing the needs of the students that will be present, than serving you through a drop-in system. Those interested in less may find a single-session weekend workshop option more suitable as they happen. If you want to try a single class, please connect with me and I'll find a place for you when a series-client has to miss class. If you really want to all of my attention perhaps my private coaching offerings works better for you. 


I am proud to offer a practice space for liberated voices, where everyone is welcome to practice yoga and relax in a safe space and includes and fully welcomes the BIOPIC and LGBTQ communities living in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Dudes also totally welcome! 



What Joy's clients say about working with her.

Joy takes into account every person's unique needs. She has great judgement regarding individual abilities and is not afraid to show her own physical limitations and how she works around them.  I always feel 100% safe in her classes.

Series Class Student

Joy's gift of teaching yoga to beginners and adults with nagging aches and pains has helped me improve my strength, endurance and diminish my stress levels. Have you ever found something that just made your life better than it was? I have found it by practicing yoga with Joy.

Private Client

After my athletic training sessions Joy helps me release muscular tension and relax my mind. I always know our private sessions will be chill and customized to be on point for my needs. Our sessions help my body recover, sharpen my mental edge and are helping keep old injuries in check.

Mixed Martial Arts Athlete

Joy makes time to discuss your needs and goals and then skillfully customizes movement, mindfulness and relaxation into her small group series classes to seem as if you were taking a private lesson with her specifically designed for you, but everyone has benefited and leaves class as excited as they were when they arrived.

Series Class + Private Client

Joy is the ultimate professional and meets you were you are. She has motivated me to continue show up for my practice by teaching online classes that rival the quality of her small group studio classes.  The pandemic has been difficult and Joy has been a consistent godsend keeping us grounded and calm even virtually.

Online + Series Class Client

Her classes for athletes help to get the body moving differently to balance out all the repetitive movement field hockey demands. Her mindset refections and athletic recovery techniques help you to stay focused in the present moment and build greater mind-body awareness, essential skills for any competitive athlete.

Collegiate Athlete

Joy is the perfect yoga teacher for anyone living with or on the verge of a joint replacement or orthopedic change. She offers you total encouragement because she's been there, but also unique insight on how to support the body and your new joint both while practicing yoga and offering practical lifestyle tips to help daily life feel more easeful.

Client practicing with a Knee Replacement

I have several medical issues, including lupus and arthritis and always feel supported by Joy's patience, calm and ability to motivate me to feel more confident moving and pushing past my perceived limitations. Her background in understanding how to work with numerous medical conditions and injuries clearly comes from not only her personal experience but her obvious passion about how the body was built to move and bounce-back.

Private + Online Client 


"For a therapeutic practice all you really need to be able to do is to move within your own range of motion and maintain a range of motion suitable for your body and the every day activities you currently enjoy or hope to get back to. Rather than pushing + forcing, the focus is on breathing and supporting and finding ways to explore the movements of the spine as the main influencer for strengthening the entire mind-body system."

Tiffany Cruikshank, Founder of Yoga Medicine


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