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Private & Small Group Yoga Teacher &
Licensed Massage Therapist 

Problem-solving approaches for movement, mindfulness and relaxation for adults & aging athletes.


                  I'M JOY

I teach BEGINNER-SUPPORTED YOGA CLASSES where ALL LEVELS ARE TAUGHT SOMETHING NEW. I encourage students new to yoga to TRY YOGA ON FOR SIZE by teaching DETAILED YOGA SIMPLY. Taking classes with me equips you with informed practices and empowers your confidence to develop routine with self-led yoga for optimal long-term results. Once you BEGIN, you’ll BUILD and MAINTAIN, as you deepen your personal relationship with your nervous system, movement, yoga poses, positions and props and connect traditional Eastern wisdom as solutions for modern circumstances. You'll BECOME INFORMED, DEVELOP MOVEMENT SKILLS and FEEL EMPOWERED to lose the perfectionist mentality, simply enjoying the experience of BEING IN YOUR BODY. As a yoga student and teacher with NOTICEABLE MOVEMENT LIMITATIONS, my approach is MEDICINAL BY INTENTION, equipping you with tools that are easy to self-apply in REAL-TIME for SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT.  You'll understand skills for RELAXATION and IMPROVING MINDSET, and feel empowered to apply the insight to NUTURE and teach yourself how to reach RESTORATIVE STATES as routine self-care. Part of our health involves an innate ability to sense and believe OUR BODY IS CAPABLE OF RESILIENCE.  In my classes you'll uncover SOLUTIONS-FOCUSED PRACTICES to improve BODY FACILITY, MENTAL STRENGTH, and EMOTIONAL REGULATION - essential ingredients for resilient long-term wellness. Ultimately, your development of a routine practice optimizes long-term outcomes - your SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY to be ROUTINELY PRESENT for 1 or 2 daily contemplative practices, outside of taking teacher-led classes. On a seasonal basis, I teach SMALL GROUP YOGA CLASSES and deliver CUSTOMIZED PRIVATE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES IN THERAPEUTIC YOGA and MASSAGE THERAPY in my private wellness studio located at 502 Scranton Carbondale Highway in Mayfield, Pa.