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Simple Can Be Enough

SIMPLICITY. We easily and often dismiss it.

We have this way of liking things to be complicated or maybe it’s just we’ve become used to creating complexity in our lives. When things seem too simple, we tend to dismiss them as not worth it.

This is especially true when it comes to movement. The keys to moving well and feeling well in our body are simply to move regularly and to move outside of our habitual patterns. Yet our lives offer much specificity and keep us fixed in our everyday patterns which doesn't afford us a lot of variety in our movement.

One of the most simple ways that we can create change in the way that we feel in terms of the tension we feel and how comfortable we feel in our body is simply to MOVE MORE.

Simple things like rolling our shoulders around, rotating our wrists, tilting our pelvis back and forth to notice how that helps our spine move, and lifting and lower our arms in rhythm with our breath - these things actually make a BIG DIFFERENCE. Yet ... so many of us dismiss them because they aren’t complicated or tricky enough or sexy enough and they don’t take much time so we think they must not offer much in return. And because we tend to lean toward over-complication, we don’t do them, but we also don’t get the opportunity to experience just how good these simple movements help us feel in our body.

Deciding not to move in the most simple ways keeps us stuck and trapped in our tense and tight bodies and sticking to just the specific movements we need to live our lives on autopilot.

If we can give ourselves permission to bring it back to SIMPLE, and recognize that this can be ENOUGH, we can profoundly shift the way we feel and how responsive we feel in our body.

Simple is what our body needs. Simple is what will change the way you feel. If you can stop getting in the way of thinking that movement needs to be complicated and fancy to be effective, SIMPLE can begin to change your life.

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