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MINDSET: Pandemic Perspective + Little Joys

As we keep ourselves suspended in anxious limbo awaiting the “full return to normal,” we might be better served to recognize that returning to our normal lives is not going to happen all at once and that maybe a higher authority is trying to teach us something.

What if we let go of that heavy and unrealistic expectation that this sense of feeling lopsided, burdened or contained beyond our liking is going to magically disappear any day now, and instead, without over-reaching, begin to embrace the little joys that find their way to us, one at a time?

What if we stopped waiting for that one big moment and became more present to the number of little, and maybe less significant moments and realized the capacity for joy they do in fact hold for us to feel right side up, encouraged and free?

If we can do this we might soon realize that the heavy and unrealistic expectations we cling to are no match for those more lighter moments of little joys ✨✌🏽🧘🏽‍♀️ #RealisticExpectations#BeEncouraged#PresentMomentLiving#LittleJoys

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