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Movement Efficiency Leads to Choices

YOGA IS AN ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT. But it is the outside-in illusion of this ideal that prevents so many people from experiencing yoga’s lifelong benefits.

SOCIETY HAS CONDITIONED US TO BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A “CORRECT WAY” TO DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, including adhering to strict alignment principles while practicing yoga asana. While yoga can be a vehicle to transform our perception of flexibility, strength, body image and pain tolerance, much of our dissatisfaction with our body’s appearance, abilities and our compromised self-esteem is a result of an image not rooted in reality but grounded in illusion.

Every body is a yoga body, no matter the shape, regardless of physical limitations. Frustration surfaces when we attempt to follow old alignment cues for posture, by manipulating modern bodies into aesthetically pleasing poses designed for some one else.

ANATOMICAL VARIABILITY EXISTS AMONG ALL OF US. As a yoga teacher, I aim to make yoga accessible by offering variations for each movement from simple to spicy. These variations, commonly called “modifications,” are not handicaps but rather empowered expressions of efficiency and a palpable connection to mind and body.

There is no one right way.


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