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Teaching the Community Class at the Carolina Yoga Company

Teaching my first class! What was it like?? A balance of nerves and confidence. Being the teacher felt easy and natural to me. I’ve had many fulfilling experiences leading students in a classroom setting. But being in a sacred space, leading students committed to themselves and to feeling better in their bodies left me feeling overrunning with JoY!

Looking out over my students, I wanted to convey so much, like, “This doesn’t look comfortable for you, here’s where I think you may feel better.” And, “We’re doing this movement in order to...but what does it feel like for you?”

It just wasn’t possible to give that kind of attention while making sure your communicating

your plan to the best of everyone’s comprehension, covering the points you planned out and watching your students and the clock. Yet it was super insightful to hold the space for an entire hour. To be both the person who welcomed the students and entering the room myself as the knowledge-seeing student I always hope to be. I felt a great sense of genuineness from everyone in the room - afterward they each communicated they enjoyed the class which matched the vibe they filled the room with during.

I have been given an amazing ocean of knowledge by world-class teachers and now comes the best part... bringing it to you by creating content that is meaningful to those who are interested in learning from me.

I want to teach you how to move and live better in YOUR body. It’s a totally possible and an energizing feeling when you figure out what to do and stay committed to it, that I promise! But how I help you, well, that is going to depend on what YOU need... how committed and open to change YOU are... how willing you are to continue along with me on my journey of finding out even more ways I can help you... and most importantly, how willing you are to kickstart a journey of your own to easier movement and better overall health.

One of my favorite aspects of my recent yoga teacher training was strengthening my

knowledge about anatomy, physiology and kinesiology and their relationship to yoga asana (movement through poses), alignment, appropriate modifications and adjustments, injury prevention and healing. In my life I’ve rehabbed shoulder and spinal dysfunction, recovered from ACL reconstructive surgery, and TWO total knee replacements. Yoga as medicine is an area that is personal to me in many ways and I plan to focus my continuing education and training along this path.

If you prefer individualized attention to address specific needs, I invite you to begin thinking about some personal goals regarding moving and feeling better in your body. I’m not asking you to think about what yoga poses you think you can or cannot do. Or would like to be able to do. I’m not going to help you into a head stand. I’m not going to expect you to be “flexible” in your body - in fact, you’ll rarely hear me use that word.

Here is what I am asking you to observe...

How does movement make you feel dysfunctional in your daily life? “Dysfunction” doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why feeling better naturally takes great effort. And why taking a pill is the go-to solution these days versus getting to the root of the problem or dysfunction and creating healthier habits.

What are some things that you used to do easily that have become frustrating for you? Which movements or activities make you feel bad? Which ones make you feel good?

What are some repetitive motions you ask your body to perform? How do you reverse those repetitions in order to give your body balance? Maybe you’re not sure. So perhaps paying attention to your movement habits is something you begin to track.

If something specific comes to mind, write it down. Keeping a daily journal can be helpful. By doing so, you may notice that you have more good days than perceived bad. By starting to keep a journal you begin to commit to yourself. Small steps lead to big changes when practiced consistently over time.

Yoga provides a nourishing path to discovering more ease and freedom within the complex systems that comprise our body. Yoga, is a way of life, and looks and feels different for EVERY BODY. If you think you can commit to a movement program where results may not be immediate and stay committed to long term goals... and if you can vision yourself in better balance regarding strength, stability, emotion, and mindfulness (notice I didn’t mention flexibility)...then don’t postpone JoY!

Consider my commitment to giving you my fullest attention. My intent is all for your delight! And the task of creating content, a space for us to learn together and organizing a business around it is in motion.

To start I will be offering individualized private sessions and small group series to athletes and special populations, including orthopedic and joint replacement patients and those living with arthritis, with plans to roll out a variety of yoga programming designed to address the specific needs of other special populations. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as I announce class series to begin this fall!

Until then I have much more studying, learning, and reading to digest while I’m still running my family business, being mom to my PuG, and giving my own mind, body and spirit ample personal attention.

If you’re interested in studying with me, in either a private, one-on-one setting or in small group session, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

So many details to logisticize! ALL FUN! ALL iN! ALL JoY! #YogaTeacher #CreatingYoga #PersonalizedYoga #YogaForSpecialPopulations #YogaAsMedicine #GetMoving #YogaWithJoy

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