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Help for Finding the Right Yoga Teacher when Living with Arthritis and a Joint Replacement

If you’re someone living with arthritis or a joint replacement, how do you know when you’ve found the right yoga teacher?

You should be looking for a teacher that understands arthritis and joint replacements and knows how to modify the yoga practice in order to accommodate any changes in the way that your joints are feeling or any limitations in your range of motions. There are many different styles of yoga and sometimes that can be confusing. And it can be hard to find the appropriate teacher or appropriate class.

I teach primarily therapeutic and relaxed yoga classes - that’s basic yoga postures, more relaxed poses, and simple breathing and meditative exercises - and these classes are simple, easy to follow, offering both consistency and variety. I also teach Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Yoga for Athletes and offer personally tailored private instruction.

Some other considerations are to talk to your doctor about whether its ok to be practicing yoga in a hot room. Some yoga practice happens in hot rooms and its not necessarily a good idea for everyone’s health to do so.

My yoga classes are offered in a comfortable room-temperature environment with a cooling/heating system and option for fresh air. The lighting is softly dimmed and music ambient, to allow you to both see and hear my instruction.

My classes offer segments where you learn easy to practice at home sequences for improving posture, both standing and seated, joint mobilization that helps with stiffness especially in the morning or before doing something active, breath integration with movement and deeper breaths more of the time, standing postures that help build strength and balance, stretches that are relaxing and help you feel more pliable and long, and relaxation practices.

My new studio holds 8 comfortably for class and some features include padded flooring, chairs, bar and walls for support and mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks and sand bags that will delight you to no end. Its small, serene and soothing. You’ll feel lighter when you’re here. I know my clients do when they are present for their weekly practice.

I’m recently recovered from double knee replacements. I have existing arthritis and every day is different when living with two major joint implants. My range of motion limitations are visible to my clients, the pain associated with my other crooks and creaks, also visible. I feel it’s appreciated and having clients who have chosen to take classes with me because of this is important to me. I practice yoga everyday. I believe wholeheartedly in it's physical movement principles but also yoga's capacity to help heal us and the world emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My everyday movement practice helps make living with artificial joints and symptoms associated with arthritis easier, softer and most of all, it keeps me moving.

Intentional movement through flexion and extension is critical to preparing for and recovery from a knee replacement.

When suffering with arthritis, it can be easy to stop moving. Nothing positive happens when you stop moving. I stopped moving. But then I decided that moving was clearly a healthier decision. I want to be able to help you to move to make life a bit easier and to help you stay ahead of any physical limitations associated with arthritis or your joint replacement. If you’re someone considering beginning yoga classes, I invite you into my studio to see if I am the right fit for your needs. Reach out to me today to determine the best class for you!

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